SUPPORT: Ethan Young with his mum Jacinta Dickenson.
SUPPORT: Ethan Young with his mum Jacinta Dickenson. Contributed

130kg teen's lifelong struggle with weight

ETHAN Young has been overweight for as long as he can remember.

At 15-years-old, the young school boy weighs 130kg.

After years of being tormented at school for his weight, Ethan has decided to do something about it.

"Being overweight, most people would look at me and I say I look gross," he said.

"I didn't have many friends."

Ethan derives much of his inspiration from his mother, Jacinta Dickenson, who managed to drop six dress sizes by walking regularly.

Joining in with his mum's regular exercise regime, the weight began to drop off.

After moving from Hervey Bay to Gladstone with his father, the weight slowly started to reappear.

"I guess I just got lazy and I started eating a little more," he said.

"It was when I started talking to mum that I remembered how much I actually lost when I walked with her."


Ms Dickenson said as Ethan's mum, it broke her heart to hear the stories of how he was teased.

"The reason for him wanting to lose the weight was because the kids at school teased him and he would cry himself to sleep," she said.

"As a parent watching that happen, it's horrible."

Ms Dickenson said although support from family and friends was vital, there was a need for more support services in the community.

"It's very hard when you're financially limited because not everyone can join a gym," she said.

"Having things available to you so you can ask questions and ask what dietary changes you can make and not feel alone would make a huge difference."

Since moving, Ethan has gained a supportive group of friends who, along with his family, encourage him daily to get in shape.

By regularly swimming, cutting down carbohydrates and eating healthy, Ethan is hoping to weigh at least 80kg.

For those struggling, Ethan has his own message.

"Ask your friends for advice and ask them to help you," he said.