TOP QUALITY: 102 Caroline St, The Range, sold for six figures this month, fetching a whopping $1.3 million price tag. The home has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and all of the premium extras.
TOP QUALITY: 102 Caroline St, The Range, sold for six figures this month, fetching a whopping $1.3 million price tag. The home has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and all of the premium extras. Pat O'Driscoll Real Estate

$1.3mil property sale one of many recent high end successes

DOUG Webber is still on cloud nine after he sold a property for a seven-figure price tag last week.

The Range's 102 Caroline St sold for a whopping $1.3 million, adding to the long list of high-end homes he has sold recently.

Sales have been flying high lately for the Pat O'Driscoll Real Estate agent, having sold six homes in the last few weeks over the $800,000 mark.

The Caroline St home was like no other, which was part of its charm.

It was a home that had been fully refurbished and modernised, an alluring feature for buyers these days, Mr Webber said.

In the end, there were two buyers vying for the five-bedroom, three-bathroom home on a huge 1809sq m block.

"To find a modern home on southside, that is what people are looking for now,” he said.

"They kept the character of the home that was there but completely renewed, beautiful views of the city.”

Rockhampton's elite suburb The Range has been selling really well in the last few months.

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What helps sell The Range homes is that many of them don't come up for sale often and they are all unique from one another.

The buyers are mostly of a different array, from professionals and medicals to people off the land moving to town to send their children to the grammar schools.

"There are people around with money and will buy the right home, they are prepared to spend the money on it,” he said.

As sales continue, it adds more confidence in the market.

"We are seeing great prices on homes for people that want to call Rocky home,” Mr Webber said.

While Mr Webber was still cautious, he said there were some trends forming to indicate the bottom of the market was moving up.

The result of the federal election also helped - given that the Prime Minister remained the same, people were feeling stability.

"We are seeing buyers getting good dollars back - people say that it's quiet but we're starting to really see a good shift,” he said.

The quality of homes that buyers are able to cash in on in Rockhampton are also more than generous.

If it was in Brisbane, the Caroline St home with views of the city would have started at $2million.

Homes up on Mt Archer, where it is 10 degrees cooler, are going "cheap as chips” despite the wide-spanning views.

And Mr Webber said things were going to keep getting better.

CQUni is growing and adding more courses every year, as are the training and services at the hospitals, and mining is stepping up, along with farmers getting good years.

"Hopefully we will see businesses in Rocky starting to boom again,” Mr Webber said.

"I've been in retail, I know how tough it is.”

Mr Webber took the time to say thank you to his buyers and sellers for having the confidence in him in the sales of their homes.

Given he has only been in the property game for two years, he feels honoured his clients have faith in him.

"To achieve that sort of sale, I'm so happy because people are trusting me with these premium homes,” he said.

"I want people to get the best they can get - you're selling someone's most prized possession.”


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  • 102 Caroline St, The Range: $1.3million (June 7)
  • 1 Nevallan Dr, Barmaryee: $524,000 (June 5)
  • 8 Lange St, Frenchville: $660,000 (May 31)
  • 62 Agnes St, The Range: $840,000 (May 31)
  • 13 Buccaneer Ave, Lammermoor: $895,000 (May 22)
  • 104-106 Todd Ave, Yeppoon: $732, 500 (May 22)
  • 23 Sunset Dr, Norman Gardens: $511,000 (May 30)