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$150 million in unclaimed money in state coffers

The Public Trustee has revealed its Queensland register has more than $150 million in unclaimed money.

Due to a change in name or address, lost paperwork, or mere forgetfulness, some Queenslanders have not received money that is owed to them.

The Public Trustee has been protecting unclaimed money for three decades, with claims ranging from just a few dollars to more than $500,000.

In the 2018-2019 financial year, the Public Trustee ­received a total of $18.1 million in unclaimed monies from a variety of sources including real estate agencies, ­investment properties, ­pawnbrokers and individuals.

According to Acting Public Trustee of Queensland and CEO Samay Zhouand, finding out if some of this money could belong to you was a simple and easy process.

“I encourage all ­Queenslanders to find out if they are owed any money by simply searching our ­unclaimed monies register, through our public Trustee website,” he said.

“Making a claim is easy, simply download our claim form and follow the lodgement steps.”