Lenakel Dowling pleaded guilty to assault charges stemming from a brawl at an 18th birthday party.
Lenakel Dowling pleaded guilty to assault charges stemming from a brawl at an 18th birthday party.

18th birthday party brawl caused by ‘cultural divide’

EMU PARK man Lenakel Dowling faced assault charges after a “cultural divide” led to numerous fights breaking out at an 18th birthday party.

Dowling, 22, pleaded guilty in Yeppoon Magistrates Court last Thursday to assault occasioning bodily harm and common assault.

The court heard the charges stemmed from a party in Brisbane in March, which was attended by a big crowd, mostly 17 and 18-year-olds.

At the party, numerous fights broke out and Dowling became involved after the first victim in his matters was involved in a verbal disagreement with Dowling’s brother.

The prosecution said Dowling came from the left side of that victim to punch him in the jaw.

Dowling then threw another punch which landed on the eye/nose area, causing the first victim to fall to the ground.

This victim attempted to get back up and defend himself but Dowling and his brother continued punching him, knocking him down.

This victim suffered a fractured nose, swelling and bruising to his left eye socket and other areas of his face, and was taken to hospital.

Dowling’s second victim had become involved in the brawl by attempting to calm the situation.

“The defendant and his brother then turned their attentions to him,” Police prosecutor Shaun Janes said.

The second victim was punched a number of times to the face, and that was the basis of the common assault charge.

Dowling later told police that he recalled being involved in a brawl with a number of other people at the party.

Dowling’s solicitor Cam Schroder said there was a cultural divide at the party and numerous fights broke out.

Mr Schroder said this type of behaviour was completely out of character for Dowling, an operator with a construction company.

For the AOBH offence, Acting Magistrate John Milburn fined Dowling $1000 and ordered he pay $1000 compensation to the victim.

For the common assault offence, Dowling was fined $500 and ordered to pay the victim $250 compensation.

No convictions were recorded.


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