Feral pigs
Feral pigs John Carnemolla

$1m to control feral pigs? That's no blitzkrieg: Perrett

REPORTS the Government thinks a $1 million feral pig eradication program in banana crops is a blitzkrieg (Courier Mail, May 27, 2018) were a joke, Gympie MP Tony Perrett said yesterday.

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"It is more like a fly past," he said.

Mr Perrett said the recently announced feral pig program "appears to be a re-announcement of an announcement which was made six months ago when the Minister said that $900,000 would be allocated over three years for feral pig control in the banana industry".


Four large feral pigs caught on a local Clifton grain property.

Photo Linda Mantova / Warwick Daily News
Four large feral pigs Linda Mantova

"The only thing new in the latest announcement is that hopefully the pig eradication program will begin shortly," he said.

"The $1 million is well short of what is necessary and appears to be a case of the government playing catch up.


Feral Pigs

Photo Contributed
Feral Pigs Contributed

"We are talking about an estimated 24 million feral pig problem in Australia.

"At this rate they will outnumber the population of humans in this country.

"Tackling the feral pig problem is not isolated to the banana industry.


Feral pig populations are having devastating affects for farmers, rangers and landowners.

Photo: Emily Smith / Central and North Burnett Times
Feral pig populations are having devastating affects for farmers, rangers and landowners. Emily Smith

"Gympie is not immune as there are reported increased sightings of pigs across this region and especially with crops such as macadamias.

"They create a significant economic cost to deal with as these feral pigs are ripping up riparian areas and orchard floors, destroying crops and wildlife and spreading diseases.

"Then you have the cost to restore the lost crops and destroyed habitats.


Feral pigs. 

Photo Contributed
Feral pigs. Contributed

"The State Labor government prefers to make it harder for rural and regional landowners to manage their properties and then has to play catch when feral pests and invasive weeds get out of control.

"Sitting in their inner city cafes they have absolutely no understanding how much these landowners do to keep their properties free of weeds and animal pests.

"The extent of noxious and invasive weeds, feral pigs, wild dogs, feral cats, and rabbits is widespread."

"So it is mind boggling how far the inner city government goes to pander to the absurd demands of these do-gooders."