An aerial image of the Oak Tree Retirement Village.
An aerial image of the Oak Tree Retirement Village. Allan Reinikka ROK160518aoaktree

$2 Million spent on CQ aged care facility

ROCKHAMPTON'S retirement care facilities have expanded to meet a growing need in the region.

A recent report stated from May 2022, employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector "will grow by an additional 4400 jobs on top of the 15,100 existing jobs in Central Queensland”.

Oak Tree Retirement Village is among that growth industry, with its latest construction project injecting millions into the region.

According to the 2016 Census, there were a total of 6066 people employed within the Health Care and Social Assistance sector in Rockhampton and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show people aged 65 years and older made up over 15% of Rockhampton's population.

This percentage has continued to increase.

Likewise, the data shows the percentage of people in Rockhampton aged 75 to 84 years increased from 4.5 per cent in 2012 to 4.7 per cent in 2015.

It's this increase which is driving the demand for more living options, including Oak Tree Retirement Village.

The business continues to expand, with a second stage under construction at its fourth village in the region.

There are two villages in Rockhampton and two in Yeppoon.

Yesterday, residents of the complex in Norman Gardens joined a tour of the second stage of construction, which began in August.

Project officer Morgan Petersen said stage two consists of four residential villas (which are under construction), the village centre, pool and a bowling green.

Residents have lived at the village for about 18 months, and have waited since then for the shared community facilities to be built.

Oak Tree Retirement Village has invested $19 million into its entire development, and $2 million to stage two alone.

Eight villas have been completed, and four are under construction. The landscaping is yet to be completed.

There were 40 construction workers employed on stage two.