Speeding drivers are being caught in record numbers.
Speeding drivers are being caught in record numbers.

36 drivers a day being busted for speeding

THIRTY-six leadfooted Far North motorists are getting busted speeding every day as furious police demand drivers take responsibility in the wake of a spiralling road toll.

Exclusive figures obtained by the Cairns Post show the number of people caught speeding has climbed dramatically in the past three years with 1300 extra tickets issued in 2016 than the year before.

Drug-driving numbers are also on the rise.

The figures come the day after a Far North crash investigator said he was "sick of putting people in body bags" after the 12th death within 12 weeks in the Far North.

The region has been in the grip of a shocking road toll for the past three years and fed up senior officers say most of the deaths could have been avoided. Speeding is understood to contribute to about a third of fatalities, often mixed with lethal combinations of drug or alcohol use behind the wheel.

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