Have an instagram page for your dog, or ever ordered a puppaccino at a cafe? You’re a certifiable dog lover, says Mel Buttle.
Have an instagram page for your dog, or ever ordered a puppaccino at a cafe? You’re a certifiable dog lover, says Mel Buttle.

'39 things that confirm you’re a dog person'

I'm back at lists. This time I've turned my eye on dog parents, of which I am one.

Here's a list of signs you're a dog person and you're in deep.

This quiz will help you identify how far gone you are, and if you might need to pull it back a little:


You have a dog bed in more than one room of the house

You save bits of your dinner scraps for the dog on a plate in the fridge

Puppy kisses.
Puppy kisses.

Your car has a back seat that isn't suitable or humans to sit on anymore

You make ice cubes for their water in summer


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You wait til their poos dry out before mowing the yard

You have a bumbag with treats and poop bags on your hallway table

You have a pile of leads in your bottom kitchen drawer, just in case

You buy your dog birthday and Christmas presents

Your dog has a couple of middle names on the council registration papers

You have a dogs-only couch

Your dog has an Instagram page

Your dog has friends at the dog park but you don't

You have a series of nicknames for your dog that they now respond to such as Mr Sniffs and Mushy Moo

You've ordered a puppaccino

Cappuccino or puppaccino?
Cappuccino or puppaccino?

Your have a made-up language with your dog for words like food and cuddles

You spell out w-a-l-k, p-a-r-k and v-e-t around your dog

You've taken a Santa Paws photo with your dog

Your dog has more than one coat for Winter

Your dog gets a cake for their birthday

You make them dinner as special treat for Valentine's Day

You think your neighbour's dog is your dog's boyfriend/girlfriend

You know more than four dog's names at your local dog park

Off to the dog park again?
Off to the dog park again?

You've called a restaurant to check if you can bring your dog along

You've got a security camera set up to spy on your dog while you're out

You leave the television on their favourite show when you go out

You sign off cards you send from your dog as well, "from Fiona, Tim and Coco".

You have or have considered getting a tattoo for your dog

You have names already selected for your future dogs

You can't help but point and say, "hello big dog" whenever you see a big dog

You've had a big chat with a total stranger on the street about their dog

You have a baby gate in your house but no babies

You have a considered list in your head of your top five breeds and why


Your phone storage is full because of photos of your dog

Your phone has photos of other people's dogs

You sign-off messages to friends including a special hello to their pooch

Your car boot has a towel, a water bowl and a spare lead

You find dog treats and poop bags in your pocket on a regular basis

You've styled your dog for an Instagram photo shoot

You've got a basket full of dog toys, there's one old stinking one, that is ripped open and has no stuffing, but you can't throw it out as that's his favourite.

You've filmed your dog dreaming.

You've answered, yes, of course in your head, to all of the above.



Originally published as 39 things that confirm you're a dog person: Buttle