VIDEO: You won't believe where this man rubs fire ants

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The ants' pants

A video shared on YouTube purports to show a man in his underwear rubbing a nest of fire ants on his privates - to predictable results.

The video, posted to YouTube by TomoNews Today, purports to show a man in Rayong, Thailand, attempting a "red ants challenge" by stripping down to his underwear and having a friend rub a branch bearing a fire ant nest on his genitals.

The man appears to quickly regret the decision and shouts for his friends to help him.

The other men spray him with water and help brush the ants from his body, but he appears to still be in pain.

Off duty

Some people will do anything to get out of jury duty but a Vermont man took it to new heights - or lows - in turning up to court in a black-and-white striped prison jumpsuit.

James Lowe, of Barnet, showed up on time and joined other prospective jurors before the start of the selection process.

However, deputies directed him to an empty courtroom to meet with the judge, who told him to leave. The judge told him he could have been found in contempt of court which could have meant a fine or jail time.

Lowe claimed the juror instructions didn't restrict clothing, but he was happy to be released because of his work schedule and family obligations.

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