5C colder: Chill returns to southeast


A CHILL has returned to Queensland, with frosty nights predicted for the beginning of the week.

After showers and a cold front swept through the southeast on Sunday afternoon, Bureau of Meteorology's Rosa Hoff said temperatures have begun to drop.

"The actual (cold) front itself is gone but the results of it are starting to kick in temperature wise," she said.

"We're going to have quite a cool day particularly for inland areas of Queensland but along the coastal fringe today will be fairly average July conditions."


Ms Hoff said the cold air will spread to the east tomorrow and then hang around for a couple of days, bringing cold nights for the rest of the week.

"Some places could be as far as 5C cooler than their usual July average overnight but the cool days won't really be significant anywhere too much, it's really the cooler nights."

Urandangi in Queensland's west recorded the state's coldest temperature overnight, with 1.2C at 6.45am.

Temperatures in Roma and Blackall also plummeted, both recording 1.8C early this morning.

There is a slight chance the chill could bring ice to the Granite Belt region, with nights expected to reach as low as 0C on Tuesday, she said.

"There is a chance that we could see the odd airborne (snow) flake on Tuesday but it would be pretty hard to spot if any did manage to fall and you certainly wouldn't be able to see any white anywhere, none would land on the ground."

"The odd chance of seeing a bit of ice in the sky but not a very convincing one."

In the southeast, Tuesday is forecast to be the coldest, with minimum temperatures reaching 9C in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and 6C on the Gold Coast.

Originally published as 5C colder: Chill returns to southeast