60 Minutes slammed on Facebook for misspelling 'Harvey' Bay

TV SHOW 60 Minutes has copped brickbats on Facebook for misspelling 'Harvey' Bay on a graphic during its story about humpback whales in Hervey Bay.

But the Channel 9 current affairs program also received bouquets on its story which shone a spotlight on the work of conservationists Wally and Trish Franklin and the Oceania Project.

Many expressed anger about the misspelling, with one comment from Donna Wynne-Markham on the post reading: "It's Hervey, not Harvey. Good story but disappointed you got the name of the place incorrect".

Her comment attracted eight likes.

Others wrote that seeing the humpback whales in Hervey Bay was now on their bucket list, with Marlene Simmons commenting: "Booking my trip to Hervey Bay right now".

Mr Franklin said he was thrilled to see how the segment had turned out and, although the filming process had been intense, ultimately it was worth it.

"It was very special - it turned out great," he said.

"It's very pleasing to see people taking such a great interest in whales and their conservation and protection."

Mr Franklin said that since the program aired on Sunday night, he and Trish had been inundated with emails from people wanting to go whale watching in Hervey Bay.

"It's ... a unique place to see the whales," he said.

Mr Franklin said he had noticed the error in the graphic misspelling Hervey Bay, but he said he wasn't too concerned.

"All in all I think they did a fantastic job," he said.

Tourism Fraser Coast acting general manager Robbie Cornelius said the publicity value of the 60 Minutes story would be worth more than $750,000.