Police seized 736 ectasy tablets, more illegal drugs and firearms last week at a Wandal address.
Police seized 736 ectasy tablets, more illegal drugs and firearms last week at a Wandal address. Allan Reinikka ROK120318adrugs5

736 ecstasy tablets, 28 grams of ice seized in Rocky raid

HUNDREDS of ecstasy tablets and more than 28 grams of ice were seized from a 29-year-old Rockhampton man last week.

During Operation Ambient, police seized a number of dangerous drugs from Australia Post packages.

Detective Inspector Senior Sergeant Luke Peachey said due to the package evidence, police executed a search warrant at a Mansfield St address last Friday.

Drug bust: Post drug bust

At the residence they "located further drugs, an amount of cash as well as firearms" and took the 29 year-old into custody.

In six parcels, police located just under 2kg of cannabis, about 28 grams of ice and 505 ecstasy tablets.

At the residence they located "231 ecstasy tablets, another 1.5grams of methamphetamine along, $7000 in cash along with the firearms, drug utensils and ammunition."

The man in custody faces 14 charges at this stage, and investigations into the supply of drugs are ongoing.

A pill press was also located at the address.

"It appears that these people were in the process of making their own ecstasy tablets," Snr Sgt Peachey said.

Snr Sgt Peachey said it appears the Australia Post packages were posted to the man.

"Investigations are still ingoing on to where they originated from," he said.

Given the "substantial quantity of drugs", Snr Sgt Peachey said police were very pleased there were able to intercept them.

"It's an excellent result we were able to get these off the streets before they hit Rockhampton."

Snr Sgt Peachey said police are open to the fact they don't get every offence however this raid has alerted them for more of this nature.

"We are quietly confident that this investigation will lead us to other further jobs," he said.

"And we are very aware now that a lot more packages are being sent via that and we are working with Australia Post to detect as many as we can.

"We now have a full time drug investigation unit and part of their charter will be to investigate these types of incidents."