Power has been restored to most homes after an earlier outage.
Power has been restored to most homes after an earlier outage.

Power restored to majority of customers after storm damage

UPDATE 5PM: POWER has been restored to the majority of residents impacted by this afternoon's outage, Ergon Energy mapping shows. 

Just 23 customers remain without power in the Bouldercombe area, due to damage caused by storm activity. 

Properties without power are on Leigh Cl, Linda Cl, Mark Cl and Webb Rd. An estimated repair time is at this stage unknown. 

INITIAL: MORE THAN 7500 people have lost power in the Rockhampton aarea as a thunderstorm rolls in.

An Ergon Energy report shows 7554 customers in the Alton Downs, Bajool, Baree, Boongarry, Bouldercombe, Dululu, Egans Hill, Gladstone, Gracemere, Hamilton Creek, Horse Creek, Kabra, Kalapa, Kirkhall, Maryborough, Midgee, Moongan, Moonmera, Morinish, Morinish South, Mount Morgan, Nine Mile, Port Curtis, Rockhampton City, Stanwell, Struck Oil, Walterhall, Wandal, Westwood and Wycarbah areas have lost power due to damage requiring emergency repairs.

Fault finding is in progress.

Streets impacted include Abby Dr, Aimee Ct, Albert St, Alexander Ct, Allen Rd, Alton Downs Nine Mile Rd, Amy St, Angela Ct, Anna Meares Ave, Anna St, Annie Cl, Archer Rd, Aremby Rd, Arlott St, Armstrong St, Arthur St, Ash Ct, Ashford St, Assay Lane, Audrey Dr, Audrey St, Baldwin St, Banksia Ct, Baree Cres, Baree Rd, Barnett Rd, Barrett Rd, Barry St, Bass Lane, Bates Ct, Beak St, Beck St, Bedsor St, Belltrees Pl, Benedict Rd, Benjamin Dr, Beverly Pl, Black Mountain Rd, Black St, Bland St, Blyth Ave, Boatwright Ave, Bobs Creek Rd, Boongarry Rd, Boongary Rd, Boulder Creek Rd, Boundary St, Bower St, Brady Pl, Brandon St, Breakspear St, Brickworks Rd, Bridge St, Broadhurst Dr, Brodie Dr, Bronco Cres, Brooks St, Brown Cl, Bruce Hwy, Bryce Ct, Bucholz Rd, Bunerba St, Burke And Wills Dr, Burnett Hwy, Burnett Lane, Burrowes St, Bushley Rd, Butler Rd, Butler St, Buxton Dr, Byrnes Pde, Callaghan Lane, Callan Ave, Calliungal Lane, Calliungal Rd, Campion St, Capricorn Hwy, Capricorn St, Carige Ave, Carlton Lane, Carroll Lane, Cassar St, Casuarina Rd, Cavell Rd, Cecil St, Cedar St, Central St, Champion Ct, Chapple St, Charles Cres, Chatterton Bvd, Chenery St, Cherryfield Rd, Childs Ave, Chong St, Clara Pl, Clarence St, Clifton St, Clint Cl, Coates St, Cockatoo Ct, Cocks Rd, Cole Ave, Comino Rd, Commanche Rd, Conaghan St, Connors Rd, Conway Ct, Cook Rd, Cooks Lane, Cooks Rd, Corella Dr, Coriander Cl, Cork Lane, Cornes St, Coronation Dr, Corrys Lane, Cowan St, Creek St, Cribb St, Crossley St, Crown St, Cunningham Ct, Cunningham Lane, Currin St, Dalley St, Darcy St, Davies Ave, Davis St, Davison St, Dawson St, Deakin Cl, Dee Esp, Dee Rd, Dee St, Delaney Lane, Denney St, Devries Ave, Diane Ct, Dingle Ct, Dobbs St, Dobson St, Donovan Cres, Donovan Rd, Doongarra Cres, Douglas St, Dream Dr, Dublin Lane, Dunnett St, E Williams Rd, Earl St, East Extd St, East South St, East St, Eastwood Rd, Eclectus Ave, Edgar Rd, Edith St, Edward St, Egan St, Elizabeth St, Emery St, Enright St, Enterprise Dr, Esme Pl, Eveline St, Evergreen Rd, Eyre Ct, Fairy Bower Rd, Farris St, Fenwick St, Fernvale Rd, Fillwood Ct, Fisher St, Fitzgerald St, Flaherty Rd, Flemington Lane, Fletcher Creek Rd, Flinders Ct, Flynn Cl, Fogarty Rd, Ford Pl, Foster St, Four Mile Rd, Freeman Ct, Galvin Rd, Ganter St, Gavial Creek Rd, Gavial Gracemere Rd, Gee Pl, Geihe Rd, Giles Ct, Gilmore Ct, Gilmore St, Gleeson Cl, Glen Gordon St, Glover St, Gold Escort Rd, Golflinks Rd, Goodson Rd, Goodwin Rd, Gordon Lane, Gordon St, Gosbee Rd, Govind Ct, Gowdie St, Gracelyn Dr, Grant Rd, Gregory St, Grey St, Griffith Rd, Gum Tree Ave, Halfpenny Rd, Hall Rd, Hall South St, Hall St, Hallam Rd, Hamilton Ave, Hardy Rd, Hempseeds Rd, Henry St, Hewill Dr, Hi-Valley Rd, Hicks Cl, High St, Hill Lane, Hinchliffe Ave, Hinton St, Holgate Cl, Holt Rd, Hopkins Rd, Hopper Rd, Horse Creek Rd, Horwell St, Huff St, Hume Ct, Hume Rd, Hunt Rd, Hunter Lane, Hutchings St, Ian Besch Dr, Iker Rd, Impala Dr, Ingram Dr, Inslay Ave, Irwin St, Isabel Ct, Isabella St, J Pierce Rd, James Rd, James St, Jamie Cres, Jamieson St, Janay Rd, Jane Cres, Jardine Ct, Jeannie St, Jendan Ct, Jillian Ct, John Oxley Dr, John St, Johnson Rd, Jones St, Josefski Rd, Joseph St, Joyce St, Justin St, Kabra Rd, Kabra Scrubby Creek Rd, Kabralea Rd, Kakoma Rd, Kalapa Back Rd, Kangaroo Cres, Kate St, Keimar Rd, Keirin Ct, Kellys Rd, Kent Ct, Kent St, Kerrie Meares Cres, Killarney Lane, Kime Rd, Kirkhall Rd, Koolamarra Dr, Koowin Dr, Kristin Cl, Kroombit Dr, Kyonet St, Labanka Cres, Lamb Ave, Landerer Cl, Langley Rd, Latimer Ave, Laver Pl, Lawrence Cres, Lawrie St, Lawson Ct, Lee Farm Rd, Lee St, Leichhardt Dr, Leigh Cl, Leopold Pl, Lester St, Leydens Hill Rd, Lillypilly Ave, Limerick Lane, Limestone Rd, Linda Cl, Linedale St, Lion Mountain Rd, Lister St, Little James St, Lodwick Cl, London Ct, Lorikeet Ct, Lorraine Ct, Louise Ct, Lowry Lane, Lucas St, Lukin St, Lyons St, Macdonalds Lane, Macks Esp, Macpherson Rd, Macquarie St, Madison Rose Dr, Main St, Malchi Nine Mile Rd, Mallet Cl, Mamalis St, Marc Cres, Maree Cres, Maria Ct, Marion St, Mark Cl, Mark St, Matsen Ct, Mayfair St, Mccarthy St, Mcdonald Lane, Mcdonald St, Mcevoy Rd, Mcfarlane Lane, Mchugh Rd, Mckenzie Lane, Mckinlay Ct, Mclaughlin St, Mclean Rd, Mcloughlin Rd, Meinberg St, Melville St, Meteor Park Rd, Meura Rd, Middle Rd, Miller Rd, Milligan St, Milne Pl, Mimosa Ct, Misfeld Cl, Mitchell Ct, Mogilno Rd, Moonmera St, Moore Rd, Morgan Lane, Morgan Rd, Morgan St, Morrell St, Mount Usher Rd, Mountain Hideaway Rd, Murphy Rd, Murray St, Native Cat Rd, Nebe Rd, Neerkol Rd, Neerkol St, Neil St, Nicholson St, Nine Mile Rd, North St, Norton St, Nugget Ave, O'dea Lane, O'shanesy St, Oakey Creek Rd, Off Bruce Hwy, Off Burnett Hwy, Off Capricorn Hwy, Off James St, Off Kabra Rd, Off Stewart St, Old Capricorn Hwy, Old Rifle Range Rd, Oleander Ave, Olympic Ave, Origano Ave, Owen Ave, Oxley St, Pamela Ct, Pandora Rd, Pattison St, Pepperina Lane, Perkins Ct, Perlick St, Perriman St, Peters St, Phillip St, Pierce St, Platen St, Pocock Rd, Poinciana Pl, Poison Creek Rd, Porters Lane, Porters Rd, Possum St, Power Station Rd, Premier Ct, Press Ct, Preston Lane, Preston Rd, Quarrion Ct, Queen Of The Valley Rd, Queen St, Racecourse Rd, Radloff St, Rahima Ct, Randwick Lane, Ranger Rd, Ranger St, Razorback Rd, Reigel Dr, Reservoir St, Richard Pierce Rd, Richards St, Richmont Dr, Rifle Range Rd, Riley Dr, River Rd, River St, Robertson Rd, Roche St, Rockery Lane, Rosebrook Pl, Rosella Dr, Rosewood Ave, Rosewood Rd, Rosewood Wycarbah Rd, Rowlands Rd, Rowley Ave, Roy Pl, Royal Lane, Russell St, Ryan Lane, Sackville St, Sage St, Saleyards Rd, Salmon St, Salsbury Rd, Sandy Creek Rd, Schirmer Cl, School St, Scott St, Scrubby Ck Rd, Seonaid Pl, Serendipity Way, Shamrock St, Sheil Cres, Showgrounds Rd, Smalls Rd, Smith Rd, Soligo Ct, Somerset Rd, Spring Creek Rd, Spring St, Stanley Rd, Stanwell Waroula Rd, Stark Pl, Staunton St, Stewart St, Stover St, Stracey Rd, Struck Oil Rd, Sturt Ct, Sugarloaf Rd, Sullivan Rd, Sunray Ave, Sunrise Cres, Sunset Dr, Sydney King Cl, Sylvana Ave, Taaffe Cl, Table Mountain Rd, Taneille Ct, Tanner Ct, Taramoore Rd, Tarragon St, Tasman Ct, Tawarra Cres, Taylor St, Tea Tree Rd, Teakle St, Temora St, Thomas St, Thompson Ave, Thora St, Thornton Ct, Thorsen Cl, Tindall Rd, Tipperary Rd, Tippett Cres, Toowarra Rd, Tyrell's Rd, Unknown St, Upper Ulam Rd, Usher St, V Ramm Rd, V. Ramm Rd, Victoria Pde, Victoria St, Viney St, Violet Dr, Virginia St, Wakim Cl, Wara Pl, Ward St, Warren Rd, Washpool Rd, Watts Rd, Waynes Lane, Webb Rd, Webster St, Well Station Creek Rd, West St, Wharf St, Wheeler Ave, Whitely St, Whitman St, Whyte Rd, Wigginton Rd, William Cl, William St, Williams Rd, Windah St, Windsor St, Wiseman St, Woodgate Ct, Wycarbah Rd, Wyvills Rd, Zamia Way and Zimitat St.