Man who molested daughters loses appeals

AN IPSWICH dad who engaged in a threesome with his young daughters has unsuccessfully argued they should not have been allowed to testify against him in their respective trials.

The dad was convicted after trial of maintaining a sexual relationship with both girls, including trying to make the girls kiss each other while they engaged in sexual activity with him.

The eldest girl was aged 10 when he began molesting her, continuing until she began dating boys about five years later.

His other daughter was aged between seven and 15 during the weekly sexual abuse, which escalated while she was aged 14 and at home from school for lengthy periods suffering from an illness.

He even wrote love letters about his sexual desires which his wife saw briefly before he ripped them up.

The man represented himself in the Queensland Court of Appeal, arguing the verdicts against him were unreasonable and could not be supported on the evidence.

He also argued it was prejudicial for his daughters to testify about the threesome in each others' trials.

But Justice James Douglas, in a judgment handed down on Friday, said the jury was entitled to act upon the girls' evidence and the corroborated accounts from each other and their mother.

"On my analysis of the evidence and the summing-up, I am satisfied the verdict was neither unsafe nor unsatisfactory," he said as he dismissed the appeals.