YouTube cyber troll allegedly tracked to Rockhampton

JAN Wright says she has tracked down an internet troll to Rockhampton.

Ms Wright this week sent The Morning Bulletin a copy of an open letter she has written to the state and nation's leaders urging them to crack down on cyber bullies who abuse victims with their abusive behaviours.

In it she also questions why the authorities aren't doing more to stop this increasingly worrying problem.

Ms Wright said she had become the victim of postings on YouTube by Chance666ify, seemingly a feral dog exterminator.

"In Rockhampton a YouTube troll known as Chance666ify is leading a pack of vile trolls attacking anyone who dares to disagree with her," Ms Wright said.

She provided examples of the offensive posts which were littered with abusive language. Attempts to contact Ms Wright this week have been unsuccessful.

Only last week The Bulletin reported the plight of Jessica Mooney, whose brother was a victim of cyber abuse for doing up his ute.

Tackling online cyber bullying has been headline news in The Morning Bulletin this year.

In January, well-known Rockhampton IT businessman Petros Khalesirad set his sights on Facebook for not having a proper mechanism to report bullying on the social media site.


Rockhampton businessman Petros Khalesirad.
Petros Khalesirad, a Rockhampton IT businessman, has set his sights on Facebook for not having a proper mechanism to report bullying on the social media site. Chris Ison

He vowed to gun for Rockhampton locals who abused others on social media after a Rockhampton father was afraid his children might hurt themselves because users were dishing out dirt about them online.


Mr Khalesirad yesterday said he was aware of Ms Wright's situation.

He said since January he had been able to obtain the names of key people at Facebook and he had drafted a letter to them outlining incidents he believed showed clear breaches of the company's policy in not removing abusers.

Mr Khalesirad said he had the support of Member for Capricornia Kirsten Livermore's office.

Rockhampton police Child Protection Investigation Unit Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Jim Edwards said people always had options when it came to cyber bullying.

"There's always the choice of ignoring the cyber bullying," Det Snr Sgt Edwards said.

"But if that can't be done then report the issue to police."