The health benefits of float pods include pain and stress relief, relaxation and better sleep.
The health benefits of float pods include pain and stress relief, relaxation and better sleep. Contributed: The Float Space

Need to escape Earth? Take some time out to float

I AM the type of person who is susceptible to trying things in the name of improving my health.

I've juiced my share of kale, sweated through countless yoga classes and even own an inversion table (which is now mostly used for hanging washing inside on rainy days). My most recent wellness endeavour is floating.

Floating or going for "a float" is a term used by health hipsters to describe the act of buoying your body in water chock-full of Epsom salts in a secluded pod.

Converts rave about benefits to sleeping, stress relief, muscle and pain relief and better clarity of mind. I don't think there is a single person in Australia who doesn't need more of all these things and so float centres are popping up everywhere. My curiosity got the better of me.

When I arrive at The Float Space I feel as though I have stepped into a scene from Mork and Mindy.

Even though the pod is much bigger than I imagined and I am not claustrophobic, there is something totally eerie about closing the lid behind you. Thanks to the salt mixture I skim on the top of the water, completely weightless.

Contributed: The Float Space

Some calming music starts and suddenly, I get nervous. I should have started preparing dinner before I left… shazbot! I forgot to pick up a birthday card for aunty Catherine… did I turn the iron off? I try to concentrate on my breath.

I fancy myself a pretty calm person with a talent for falling asleep in places I shouldn't - namely yoga classes and public transport - so I thought I would achieve some previously undiscovered level of super-sleep in this lightless, soundless, technology-free zone.

I definitely did not fall asleep in the traditional sense but time passed as though I was in some sort of trance. Before I knew it, a voice inside the pod was telling me I'd had a successful journey from Ork and it was time to join planet Earth again.

It wasn't until later in the evening when I heard my hubby complain about some soreness from our 50km bike ride that morning that I realised my earlier shoulder and back pain had dissolved.

Maybe it is just a placebo, but I believe the floating played a part. Either way, I definitely feel as though I stepped out of this world for an hour.