A mother of five was caught supplying drugs.
A mother of five was caught supplying drugs. Staff. Sgt. Jamal D. Sutter/USAF

A 'truly unusual case' saves mother from jail time

A TRAUMATIC past led a mother of five to be convicted of supplying a dangerous drug.

Mackay Supreme Court heard Robyn Maree White, 45, left an abusive marriage only to find herself in the arms of another violent man who threatened to hurt her if she did not get him drugs.

Describing it as "a truly unusual case", barrister Paul Rutledge, for White, told the court his client had been a victim of domestic violence for almost 30 years and before this had no convictions.

White pleaded guilty to supplying 115.5g of methylamphetamine between October and November in 2016, but Mr Rutledge said it was clear the case was a little more complicated than others.

White became involved in the drug scene when she met her second partner. The court heard he became physically and mentally abusive as the relationship progressed.

Mr Rutledge said that after her partner kicked her, White had become homeless and was living in a car with her children.

White now lives in government housing and is in the process of rebuilding her life.

"She has reformed against the background of a terrible life," Mr Rutledge said.

He asked the judge to not record convictions to help the mother, but Justice James Douglas disagreed.

Justice Douglas said she had suffered persistent and significant emotional, mental and physical domestic violence at the hands of her first husband.

"It resulted on occasion police being called and on another occasion, you suffering a miscarriage after being kicked in the stomach," he said.

Her second partner was also violent, he added.

"You have succeeded in putting your life back on track with your children to a significant extent," Justice Douglas said. He sentenced White to 18 months probation and recorded convictions.