Alleged abuse of girl, 6, leads to man being charged

POLICE have charged a person over the indecent assault of a six-year-old girl.

The detail of the young girl's abuse, which has largely been suppressed mark the first time a case of alleged abuse of an asylum seeker has been brought before the island nation's courts.

The Nauruan courts published the decision in October.

It does not state whether the young girl was allegedly abused inside or outside the Australia-run detention centre.

The identity of the alleged abuser has been ordered to stay secret by the court. The young girl is referred to only as "MU".

PAUL Milleraap

The Guardian reports that medical and welfare staff from International health and Medical Services -- who is contracted to the Australian Government -- describes the young girl as having already faced "parental separation, migration, prolonged detention and alleged sexual abuse".

"As a consequence M now presents with emotional and behavioural disturbances such as anxiety, night terrors and social isolation."

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said he would not "tolerate any sexual abuse whatsoever", despite the Guardian releasing more than 2000 internal documents showing widespread allegations of abuse.

The Guardian reports that "MU" will face cross-examination on her evidence by the defence, despite an appeal by prosecutors for the evidence to be gathered by other means.

In Australia such cross-examination is the subject of stringent restricts, but in Nauru, such decisions are left to individual courts.