Accused DV offender lit fire, threatened suicide

A man who first lit a fire and then threatened to hang himself had been blacking out during recent binge drinking sessions.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, made a bail application in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on April 19.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox said it was an unusual domestic violence case where the defendant had lit a small fire, but was not charged with arson.

Magistrate Jason Schubert said the man was accused of attending the alleged victim’s address, knocking on the door, calling the victim a ‘c---’ and demanding she give him cigarettes and alcohol.

He said the woman gave the man $50 to catch a cab back to his mother’s residence, but instead, he went to another part of the house and lit a small fire which neighbours saw and called emergency services.

Mr Schubert said the man then made “a clear threat of suicide” while he held a rope in front of the woman.

He said the man then “fashioned the rope into a noose” and said “f--- it. I will just do this then”.

Mr Schubert said when police arrived, they found a burnt matchbox on a chair with ash around it.

Defence lawyer Scheryn Aspinall-Clarke said her client, a 39-year-old machine operator, had a four-year-old daughter with the alleged victim with whom he had custody of two to three days a week.

“He has been binge drinking,” she said.

Ms Aspinall-Clarke said her client had recently been “blacking out” when binge drinking.

She said the defendant wanted to attend Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Service for alcohol counselling, and he had previously been diagnosed with depression but was not taking his medication.

Mr Schubert denied the man bail and set him a long plea date of April 23.

Alcohol and Other Drugs support numbers.
Alcohol and Other Drugs support numbers.