Xander Seaton Wall was on LSD when he punched an ambulance officer in the head.
Xander Seaton Wall was on LSD when he punched an ambulance officer in the head.

Acid-affected teen punches paramedic multiple times

AN 18-year-old who ­experimented with the ­powerful hallucinogenic drug LSD was so out of control, he punched an ambulance officer trying to help him in the head multiple times.

Xander Seaton Wall was not your typical drug user.

A former highly-regarded student at Rockhampton Grammar School, Wall ­regularly sees the damaging ­effect drugs can have on ­people, in his job as a cleaner at Rockhampton Hospital.

But on October 11, it was Wall who learned the lesson the hard way.

He was with friends when he consumed four LSD (or acid) tablets and in his own words was “completely out of it and hallucinating”.

He subsequently thought his friends were trying to kill him, but in reality they were trying to get him to calm down.

“In his own mind, he thought they were trying to get him to stand still so they could stab him,” Wall’s lawyer told Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Monday.

“So it’s just an indicator of how dangerous this drug is, when it alters the mind and makes people who are otherwise trying to assist Mr Wall, seem like enemies.”

Following those comments, Magistrate Jeff Clarke chimed in with: “People have been known to effectively kill ­themselves by trying to get away, because of the delusions that they experience.”

Once Wall had become “out of control” his friends called for help.

“At that point he (Wall) has really vague recollections,” his lawyer said.

“He does recall punching the officer once, he doesn’t ­recall punching him twice - but he’s entered a (guilty) plea on that basis today and he’s ­certainly not in any state to really be contesting the facts given his own delusions at the time.”

Numerous references in support of Wall were tendered to the court, including one from his former school headmaster.

Wall had penned a written apology to the ambulance officer, whose only injury was bruising, and that was also tendered in court.

Wall had no criminal history.

Mr Clarke placed Wall on 12 months’ probation and did not record a conviction.