Resources Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke
Resources Industry Network general manager Adrienne Rourke Marty Strecker Photography

Adani decision a signal for the future of mining sector

Industry Matters: I was at an associations' conference (yes, there is an association for associations) this week when I received the call that Adani had received the final approval required for the Carmichael Mine to start.

While I let out a little celebratory cheer, no one else understood or probably cared about the significance of the decision for our businesses, jobs, and region.

While yesterday was time for a brief celebration, it will also be the driving force behind continuing to promote the sector for the long term.

As I have stated previously, this decision is not only about the construction of one mine.

It is so much more than that.

It tells people that there is a future in our region and our sector.

With that level of confidence, we can now talk about long-term jobs in our region.

While we continue to attract workers and their families to our part of the world, we can at the same time, boast about our very affordable housing and the great lifestyle afforded to those who live here, as more great reasons to make the move to Mackay for the long term.

Last week we held a panel discussion about the future opportunities in our region, including the Resources Centre of Excellence, our METS Export Hub and the Mackay Waterfront PDA.

We also heard about how digital transformation is going to bring safer work environments, which are more engaged with technology, exciting, and challenging.

The opportunities presenting themselves to our engineering and industrial sector make for exciting times.

Change is happening quickly, but it is positive and I can't think of a better region of which to be part.

We can all celebrate certainty in our future, but we need to continue to have a voice when promoting the region, and everyone here has a role in encouraging more people and families to the region.

Adrienne Rourke is Resource Industry Network's general manager.