The Gold Coast Suns are struggling big time. Picture: Matt King/Getty
The Gold Coast Suns are struggling big time. Picture: Matt King/Getty

AFL urged to give Suns extra help

BRISBANE Lions triple-premiership winner Jonathan Brown believes the AFL needs to step in and provide the struggling Gold Coast Suns with added assistance.

It's hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel for Gold Coast after it suffered its eighth loss of the season in a 108-point thumping at the hands of GWS on the weekend.

Now in their eighth year in the league, the Suns have never finished higher than 12th.

And this season is looking just as dire with Stuart Dew's troops sitting 15th on the ladder.

Brown said on Fox Footy's On The Couch: "I've lived on the Gold Coast for the last five years - they (the AFL) do not care about this team at the moment. 

"If we don't give them help to get them back on track, they will fold and it will be an absolute disaster for the AFL.

"They've got to make them competitive. If they do not have concessions, special concessions put in place for their list build, they have no hope."

Brown blasted the club's "shambolic" list and said it was an unappealing home for AFL stars.

"Down here (in Melbourne) St Kilda are embedded as a football club. They've been around for a 100 years - the Gold Coast are there 10 years and nobody wants to play there," Brown said.

"The players want to leave there. They (the AFL) have to do something to help Stuart Dew and help the rest of the coaches to build a proper team to be competitive.

"Gold Coast have stuffed up, but they don't have the benefit of 100 years' history and don't have the rusted on supporter base to get out of it. It's got to be redone."

Gold Coast chairman Tony Cochrane admitted mistakes had been made, but said he was intent on focusing on the future.

"There have been some chronic errors made at this club, and I couldn't give a s--- about who made them. I'm just focused on the future," Cochrane said on SEN's Whateley.

"We need extra draft picks. We need to give players who are there now hope. We are an outpost. You can't treat us like we are a start-up club in Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide. If you truly call us the Australian Football League, you can't make lip service of it."

Cochrane also took aim at critics, saying they haven't seen the work being done at the coalface.

"Lots of people who are making these comments about the Suns have never been to the Gold Coast and seen the 10,000 juniors playing football here," he said.

"Ten years ago it wasn't 800. We are winning the AFL battle in the long term. Deep down in Melbourne, you know it takes time.

"Throw all the s-- you want at us. We are going to survive. We are going to be a success."