CELEBRATION: CQUni Bachelor of Agriculture students celebrate before today's graduation ceremony.
CELEBRATION: CQUni Bachelor of Agriculture students celebrate before today's graduation ceremony. Jann Houley

Ag degree sets Dana down path to greatness

FAMILY ties to farming and a taste of agricultural studies at high school has set one Rocky girl on her path to greatness.

Dana Walkington joins almost 400 graduates at CQUniversity today, as the first crop of Bachelor of Agriculture students throws their graduation caps in the air.

"Dad grew up on a dairy farm in Victoria while mum as a girl travelled with my granddad who managed farms,” she said.

"I grew up in the Beef Capital and went to Rocky High, across from the Beef Australia Expo site, where I enjoyed studying agriculture subjects at school.”

Ms Walkington was halfway through her third and final year at university when she received some exciting news - she had been offered a job.

Agriculture graduate before tomorrow's CQUni graduation
Bachelor of Agriculture graduate Dana Walkington . Jann Houley

Her new job as a quality control supervisor at the Teys Australia meatworks in Rockhampton came about through involvement in a CQUni student meat judging team who received training at Teys.

She was one of the first students studying a Bachelor of Agriculture to be offered a job.

"The Teys general manager reached out and offered me a role in loose item control, which keeps track of any small items, such as pens or calculators that could otherwise be misplaced in the production area,” Ms Walkington said.

"It's pretty humbling and honouring having someone noticing the hard work you put in.”

Ms Walkington not only took part in the team meat judging event in Wagga Wagga, she was also selected as a 'coaches pick, future leader' for individual meat judging events in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

"Aspects of the CQUniversity degree I most enjoyed included the diverse course structure with coverage across grazing, cropping and horticulture, as well as support services such as ag finance, business and ag consultancy,” she said.

CQUni Agriculture students celebrate before tomorrow's graduation ceremony
CQUni Agriculture students celebrate before tomorrow's graduation ceremony Jann Houley

"The ag degree staff have been great and we've had access to the latest farming research and precision livestock management at CQUni's Central Queensland Innovation and Research Precinct in Rockhampton.

"Our assignments enabled us to plan how we would implement the latest agricultural technology into production systems.”

Ms Walkington said she had never considered anything remotely to do with red meat production and encouraged others looking for a start in life to "just jump in feet first and give it a go”.

"Don't be afraid, there are plenty of jobs out there,” she said.

"You may stumble across something you hadn't even considered and find out it's exactly what you were looking for the whole time.”

Though currently focused on her new meatworks role, Ms Walkington will continue her casual waitressing job at the Great Western Hotel and her hobby of showing cattle for a local Brangus stud farm.

Teys Australia spokesperson Tom Maguire said "the company got to know Dana via the meat judging competition and was confident that she had a bright future”.

"Teys Australia is really pleased that Dana has chosen to start what we hope is a long career in our industry with us,” Mr Maguire said.

"Starting in our quality control department, we are confident that Dana will quickly learn how we meet the needs of our customers that we serve around the world.

"We would like to congratulate CQUniversity offering this degree in Rockhampton.

"As we continue to evolve our business to meet the needs of our customers around the globe we will have many opportunities for people who complete their studies at CQUni.

"We are truly committed to connecting Australian cattle producers with our customers and it is the type of graduates that CQUni will produce that will make this a reality in coming years.”

Ms Walkington is among 18 graduates from the degree.

CQUni Graduation Day

Who: 10am ceremony for graduates from the School of Business and Law, School of Education and the Arts and School of Engineering and Technology. 3pm ceremony for graduates from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences and all Doctoral graduates.

Where: Community Sports Centre on CQUni Rockhampton North campus.

Rockhampton CQUniversity graduating students of December, 2018:

Certificate III in Education Support

Shirley Delos Santos Reid

Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

Clara Jane Fitzgerald

Diploma of Business

Megan Louise Perrie

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Tamara Naomi Spilsbury

Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 nursing)

Kate Maree Beeson

Diploma of Environmental Science

Angela Louise Elizabeth Gorge

Diploma of Health Science

Crystal Jessica Feldman

Diploma of Professional Practice (Co-op Engineering)

Angela Leigh Bacon

Thomas Michael Bugeja

Lochlann Patrick Crowley

Jack Thomas McDonald

Ryan William Prins

Jack Alexander Wilson

Associate Degree of Engineering (Civil)

Geoffrey Peter Hames

Associate Degree of Engineering (Electrical)

Nathan Evan Dunnett

Dean Michael O'Dowd

Associate Degree of Learning Management

Thomasina Fay Hill

Associate Degree of Mine Technology (Mineral Processing)

Thilak Perera

Associate Degree of Occupational Health and Safety

Clara Jane Fitzgerald

Bachelor of Accident Forensics

Rianna Reece Menadue; Khala Ionie Smithson

Bachelor of Accident Forensics with Distinction

Ashleigh May Powell; Jessica Russell

Bachelor of Accounting

Caine Atkinson; Alisha Jade Benson; Zoey Anne Catania; Angela Sue Jamieson

Joshua Neville Matthews

Riana Jane Pulfer

Cassey Samantha Thew

Bachelor of Accounting with Distinction

Christine Ann Casey

Kit Yee Lam

Bachelor of Accounting (Financial Planning)

Daniel David Ferricks

Bachelor of Agriculture

Rachel Brooke Berlin

Jessika Margaret Brown

Payton Lea Dobe

Cameron Gordon Dunn

Shannyn Leigh Hopkins

Kate Alice Ludwig

Billie-Jo Mayes

Nicholas James McBride

Ruby May Nelson

Dana Beth Walkington

Bachelor of Agriculture with Distinction

Amy Louise Atkinson

Benjamin James Cumming

Hollie Faulkner

Breanna Jane Hawken

Shallan Jaide Herrig

Meg Elizabeth McCosker

Emily Bellina Rockemer

Bree Kaye Spreadborough

Bachelor of Arts

Grace Sisley

Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management)

Anne Frances Campbell

Tenille Leslieann Dittman

Kailee Elizabeth Jephcott

Cassandra Leila Loveridge

Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management) with Distinction

Sophie Clare Coleman

Claudia-Rose Genocchio

Bachelor of Business (Management and Marketing)

Trevor Thomas Corrigan

Bachelor of Business (Management and Marketing) with Distinction

Caitlin Louise Hutcheon

Bachelor of Business (Management and Supply Chain Management)

Malcolm Bernard Kenny

Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Supply Chain Management)

Vernon Oosthuizen

Bachelor of Digital Media

Bobbie-Jo Rhiannon Bell

Kyla Jane Bloxsom

Nussareen Maria Cheha

Jesse John Rene Delandelles

Kyle Zulian

Bachelor of Digital Media with Distinction

Isaac Jenkins

Alice Jane Robertson

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Janae Ellen Carige

Christina Job

Renee Peta Maliborskij

Melanie Skye McMaster

Natarlia Semple-Trinder

Naomi Rose Wigginton

Georgia Wright

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) with Distinction

Valerie Alison Bekker

Breanna Bull

Louise Ellen Chapman

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Kyra-Leigh Jane Bennett

Emily Lynn-Barnett

Lauren Kimberly McDonald

Emma McDougall

Cerae Joy Pollitt

Megan Renae Schultz

Juliette Monique Rose Wall

Bachelor of Education (Primary) with Distinction

Jasmin Renee Cutlack

Tammy Davidson

Erin Christina Digby

Sarah Louise Mitchell

Sarah Louise Reiman

Tina Marriee Thorsen

Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

Angie Kate Balderston

Allanah Marie Stafford

Tia Chantelle Tassin

Chelsea Lee Thomson

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with Distinction

Georgia Kate Atfield

Kathleen Myrtle Petrie

Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical)

Masilu Marupi

Bachelor of Environmental Health

Sarah Jane Benson

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Land Management) with Distinction

Tayla Nicole Grant

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Water Management)

Karly Fowler

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Water Management) with Distinction

Tiffany Anne Brown

Joel Robert Male

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Kira Jean Allan

Lachlan Michael Brosnan

Alana Marie Cartner

Patricia Lauren English

Cody James O'Grady

Riley John Steffen

Rachel Elizabeth Tellan

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Sciences with Distinction

Sharann Mandaleigh Martin

Bachelor of Information Technology (Application Development)

Josh Zacharia Alexander

Bachelor of Information Technology (Business Analysis)

Jacob Bartholomew Murray

Bachelor of Information Technology (Co-op) (Network Security) with Distinction

James Benjamin Egan

Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security)

Norbert Nyiawung Efuet

Bachelor of Laws

Emma Kate Elizabeth Barnes

Emily Jayne Brown

Kylie Maree Cookson

Anjanette Doyle

Cassandra Erin Findlater

Justin Anthony French

Karissa Shay Giles

Rebecca Jayne Harris

Andrea Louise Hewitt

Katrina Joyce Hicks

Davina May Knight

Kelly Bond Latham

Caton McKissock

Alana Clare Murray

Samantha Leigh Richardson

Casparus Ignatius Schoeman

Kimberly Jane West

Bachelor of Laws with Distinction

Scott John Welburn

Bachelor of Medical Imaging

Megan Catherine Williams

Bachelor of Medical Imaging with Distinction

Michael Elston

Bachelor of Medical Science (Clinical Measurement)

Christy Maree Schefe

Bachelor of Medical Science (Clinical Measurement) with Distinction

Georgina Ann Black

Bronte Kate Hainsworth

Zoe Anne Klibbe

Bachelor of Medical Science (Nutrition)

Bridget Maree Fletcher

Bachelor of Medical Science (Nutrition) with Distinction

Sarah Madeline Fox

Tanya Louise Thwaite

Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathology)

Shania Ashleigh Stewart

Bachelor of Nursing

Emily Jayne Allen

Whitney Bailey

Kate Maree Beeson

Renee Amelia Beitzel

Jessica Birt

Kirsten Nicole Bispeskov

Tegan May Lee Blackman

Samuel Luke Bolton

Sammantha Brodie

Gemma Cauan

Natalie Amy Chand

Rumbidzai Choga

Sarah Michelle Cuddihy

Isabella Grace D'Arcy

Brenda Mercado Dizon

Jacinta Louise Edwards

Renee Morgan Elder

Casey Nicole Evans

Sophia Louise Fergus

Lara Jean Finn - Prince

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Meepe Galketiya Gamage Pulomaja Saummi Galketiya

Nikki Monique Gould

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Tahlia Jade Hatchman

Makalah Jayde Hedges

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Samantha Grace Heslin

Melissa Sharon Hibble

Maddison Amber Hoad

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Tahnee-Rae Georgina Patricia Hopkins

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Harjit Kaur

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Helen McLaughlin

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Maria Rovina Bejenia

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Vicky Anne Buckenham

Angela Deirdre Colless

Bronte Conachan

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Hannah Hopper

Melissa Jane Maxwell

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Rebekah Lillian Richters

Noah Colin Vernon

Melissa Joy Weber

Shanay Leigh Wright

Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety

Clara Jane Fitzgerald

Lucy Anne Sullivan

Scarlett Laura Paige Vale

Bachelor of Oral Health

Shanae Louise Barrett

Elizabeth Margaret Crooks

Rutendo Mupedzi

Christie Joy Snary

Penny Leigh Fleming

Tienna Smith

Zoe Rachelle Steyn

Bachelor of Paramedic Science

Michael James Board

Jared Robert Cowan

Breanna Kate Donovan

Kelly Elizabeth Glynn

Lewis Grieve

Leah Jean Jordan

Erin Peta Law

Joseph Paul O'Donnell

Ellie Kate Richardson

Kira-Leigh Townsend

Bachelor of Paramedic Science with Distinction

Lily Clare Stace Robinson

Megan Lucinda Welsh

Benjamin John Williams

Bachelor of Professional Communication (Digital Media Production)

Bonnie Pui-Yeng Cheung

Bachelor of Professional Communication (Journalism)

Shayla Sandy Bulloch

Bachelor of Professional Communication (Journalism) with Distinction

Matt Alexander Jaques

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Alysa Bachmann

Saran Charlotte Banks

Ethan James Barker

Tessa Michelle Doonar

Claire Patricia Dowling

Owen Lloyd Flanders

Nathaniel Hill

Felix Allen Parker

Jessica Kate Ramm

Bachelor of Psychological Science with Distinction

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Samantha Louise King

Laura May McGrath

Bachelor of Public Health (Environmental Health)

Vikki Leanne Hamilton

Bachelor of Science (Analytical and Molecular Science)

Allister Caine Peterson

Bachelor of Science (Applied Chemistry)

Phoebe Platts

Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Conservation Biology)

Melanie Anne Blade

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Clair Julia Stafford

Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with Distinction

Toni Marie Browne

Natasha Louise Seawright

Bachelor of Accounting/ Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Jesse Ray Rigby

Bachelor of Accounting/Bachelor of Business (Human Resources Management)

Matthew Edwin Smith

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Julia Louise de Villiers

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business (Marketing) with Distinction

Elina Kalavus

Bachelor of Business (Management)/Bachelor of Professional Communication

Yasmine Schultenkamp

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/Bachelor of Professional Communication with Distinction

Lucy Ann Stafford

Bachelor of Business (Social Innovation)/Bachelor of Professional Communication with Distinction

Monica Therese Mallory

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)

Isaac Bruce Bianchi

Thomas Michael Bugeja

Jake Bundred

Adam Joseph Calderon

Jack Laxton

Todd Andrew Lisle

Sophie Melda Joyce Lyons

Ryan William Prins

Reece Thompson

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)

Angela Leigh Bacon

Joshua Walter Green

Jack Ethan Hassett

Estella Hernandez

Nathan Stuart Moss

Guillaume Jan Nel

Kurt John Perrett

Hayden Gerard Phelan

Devin Richard Lyle Saw

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)

Lochlann Patrick Crowley

Troy William Graham

Matthew Liam Keleher

Madison May-Thomas

Cameron John McClintock

Jack Thomas McDonald

Connor Peter Robertson

Jack Alexander Wilson

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Riley Marie Acutt

Dana Lea Bainbridge

Georgia Kate Bell

Sarah Carr

Bernadette Mary Conway

Nivea Louise Adel Cunningham

Emily de Waard

Hannah Jane Doherty

Ashleigh Georgia Green

Bree Tayla Grentell

Desiree Barbara Jarvis

Mikaela Sage Kucks

Ingrid Monica Lane

Kara Maree Pascoe

Tahlia Portener

Jemma Kate Rynne

Renee Alexandra Spence

Clare Shannon Tilley

Kristie Wentworth

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Noni Beasley

Russell Cunningham

Hayden Lee Dow

Katie Rhiannon Glossop

Victoria Rose Hutton

Kristy Rebecca Leitner

Cooper Jake Lems

Alice Eliza Maguire

Sabrina Maynard

Stuart James McBean

Stacy Rebekkah McClintock

Shadei Nand

Luke James Pickard

Joel Andrew Santamaria

Jonathan Still

Ryan John Turner

Bachelor of Podiatry Practice (Honours)

Bretany Alexandra Appel

Claire Johnson

Catherine Louise Podesta

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Maddison Lee Rhodes

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Gina Lee Richter-Stretton

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Tori Ellen Lee

Emma Catherine MacDonald

Narelle Kristy Smith

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)

Mercedes Cerise Ash

Naomi Louise Campbell-Woods

Ashleigh Marie Chapman

Samantha Jayne Jeffery

Hannah Jane Thompson

Bachelor of Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography

Lindsay Ellen Groves

Graduate Certificate in Authentic Leadership

Francois Pierre Yann Gallais

Sean Peckover

Graduate Certificate in Authentic Leadership with Distinction

Jessica Frances-Maree Lees

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration with Distinction

Aron Richard Gunn

Graduate Certificate in Information Systems with Distinction

Kenneth James Dwyer

Graduate Diploma of Asset and Maintenance Management

Jani Mtetwa

Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching

(Secondary) with Distinction

Vicky Carroll

Toni Marie Grant

Rodney George Matheson

Graduate Diploma of Project Management with Distinction

Gemma Louise Hogan

Master of Business Administration

Anne Veronica Crowley

Master of Clinical Psychology

Bree Buck

Master of Information Systems

Bui Tuan Huy

Master of Information Systems with Distinction

Cameron John Jameson

Prashant Roka

Master of Information Technology (Software Design and Development)

Cameron John Jameson

Master of Professional Accounting

Ashmina Gautam

Master of Safety Science (Human Factors Engineering)

Jemma Dingle

Master of Teaching (Primary) with Distinction

Peter Karl Behrens

Master of Applied


Nicholas Anderson

Doctor of Philosophy

Jenifer Alsemgeest

Cynthia Mary Cowling

Prasanjit Das