Aged care resident threatens to cut woman’s throat

AN ELDERLY woman said she feared for her life when a male resident of her aged care village wielded a knife threatening to cut her throat.

The terrified woman tried to get away on the path pushing her wheelie-walker but the man followed repeating his threats, which included: "(I will) cut your f***ing throat you f***ing bitch".

The 54-year old Ipswich man had gone back into his unit when police arrived about 4.35pm on July 16.

Disturbing details of other incidents involving the troubled man's threats to kill health professionals were heard in a case before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

The case highlighted the difficulties of caring for people with mental health and other complex issues, with the court hearing the man was under the care of the Public Guardian.

The Brassall resident appeared in the dock and pleaded guilty to two counts of going armed in public to cause fear at Brassall on May 15 and on July 16 this year at the Suncare aged care village; two counts of serious assault on people aged over 60 in Brassall on May 15 and July 16; assaulting police; causing public nuisance on July 9 at Ipswich Police station; using a carriage service to menace/harass in December 2019; and serious assault a public officer on August 10, 2018.

"I'm guilty, I know I did the wrong thing. I get upset and I had a few drinks," the man said.

"They call me retarded, schizo. I got angry."

During the court proceedings Magistrate David Shepherd allowed the man to speak of his concerns.

The man said he simply wanted to get out of jail and go home.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said the man had spent 126 days in custody and the case involved mental health issues.

Mr Scott said the man's health diagnosis was quite complex, but he was assessed as fit to go before the court.

Mr Scott said his repetition in making threats to slit the throats of others, and going out in public carrying knives was very concerning.

In the incidents of violence the 54-year old man threatened to kill a clinical psychologist in phone calls made last December.

The court heard he also made threats to staff at Ipswich Hospital in August 2018 when told there would be a four-hour wait.

He also kicked a police officer in the leg when trying to incite him to fight.

In another offence, he struck a clinical nurse in the face when the medical professional was called to the Ipswich police station.

He also held a knife toward a care worker in the aged care facility, threatening to stab her and cut her throat.

Defence lawyer Alexis Oxley said care would be taken to ensure he no longer has access to knives.

Mr Shepherd said that would also include alcohol as it seemed to be an issue.

"Can I go home. I know I've done the wrong thing. I won't do no more stupid, crazy things," the man said.

"I won't pick a knife up anymore. I had too many drinks, I apologise."

Mr Shepherd told the man that some of the people he made threats to were only trying to help him.

He said the difficulty was that his behaviour stems from an acquired brain injury at birth.

The man was sentenced to a total of nine months jail, with immediate parole.