APP-PIE-TISING: Brad Nobbs and his team are putting their reputation on the line for the Pinesfest Pie Competition
APP-PIE-TISING: Brad Nobbs and his team are putting their reputation on the line for the Pinesfest Pie Competition Trish Bowman

All eyes on our pineapple pies for Pinefest competition

THIS year's Tropical Pinefest Pineapple Pie competition is amping up to be one of the most hotly contested competitions between local eateries the Coast has ever seen and Brad Nobbs from Keppel Pies has his eye on the coveted prize.

Brad was one of the first to sign up for the competition, and said he planned to bring his best to the table.

"I feel the pressure is on, my reputation is on the line and I am determined to produce a pie that is a winner,” Brad said.

"I am a big supporter of the Tropical Pinefest and was happy to be part of this competition to highlight what we have right here on the Capricorn Coast.

"I have already been toying with a few ideas for the recipe but will probably stick to something that is a little classic.”

Brad said producing a delicious savoury pineapple pie was a little tricky but people were much more open to trying new tastes these days.

"All the cooking shows on television have created a culture where people are being encouraged to be creative and try different things,” he said.

"I am sure there will be some very interesting recipes created and look forward to everyone tasting our entry which will be on sale in the shop in the lead- up to the Pinefest weekend.”

Tropical Pines marketing co-ordinator Emily Hutton said 12 eateries and restaurants across the Capricorn Coast had already signed up to be part of the competition and they were all determined to win.

"We have added a twist this year in encouraging businesses to create an original recipe for a savoury pineapple pie using locally sourced pineapples and ingredients,” Ms Hutton said.

"The pie will then be put on the menu and served at their establishment for the two-week period leading up to Pinefest.”

Each participating pie will be tasted by a panel of local judges, and the winner will be announced on the main stage on Sunday, October 15 during Pinefest festivities.

The winning recipe will be featured on a new Tropical Pines pineapple label, promoting a great pie made with fresh pineapple from the famous town of Yeppoon.

By linking great food with local produce and tourism, Tropical Pines aims to put Yeppoon and its amazing pineapple pie on the map for both locals and visitors.

Any eateries or restaurants interested in being part of the competition can contact Tropical Pines by phoning 4939 0214.