The driver stated he consumed about 10 to 12 beers in eight hours.
The driver stated he consumed about 10 to 12 beers in eight hours.

Alleged drink-driver busted in unregistered car

A man has been charged and will face court after being found with a high content of alcohol in his blood while driving an unregistered car in the Pacific Highway.

About 2.05am on Saturday, January 23, police observed a white Suzuki sedan leave the BP service centre at Chinderah.

Police followed the vehicle at short distance, before activating the warning devices to stop the vehicle, for the purpose of a roadside breath test.

The vehicle stopped on the M1 motorway.

Police discovered that the registration of the vehicle had expired in November 2020.

Police approached the vehicle and observed a 28-year-old male seated in the driver's seat. Police conducted a roadside breath test, which proved positive.

The man was placed under arrest and conveyed to Tweed Heads Police station for the purpose of a breath analysis.

At Tweed Heads Police Station, the accused's breath analysis returned a reading of 0.203 grams of alcohol.

The man was offered the services of a doctor, which he declined.

The accused was issued with a notice to attend Tweed Heads Local Court on Monday, February 8.

The driver stated he consumed about 10 to 12 beers, with his first drink being at 3pm and his last drink being consumed at 11.30pm.

Police observed the male to have bloodshot and glazed eyes.

He smelt strongly of alcohol and his speech appeared to be slow and slurred.

Police formed the opinion that the accused was well affected by alcohol.

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