Alleged kidnappers sought ‘commercial quantities’ of drugs

A couple was allegedly kidnapped and tortured by bikie associates disguised as police officers who were searching for "commercial quantities" of drugs, a court has heard.

Belgian model Caroll Dufailly and her businessman boyfriend Eduardus Groenewegen were allegedly gagged, assaulted then left for dead in Ipswich bushland in 2019.

Queensland Police allege five members and associates of the Lone Wolf outlaw motorcycle gang came to the couple's Raceview home armed with rifles in the hope of finding a substantial stash of drugs.

"The police investigations have established that the offenders expected to find commercial quantities of illicit drugs at the dwelling," Acting Justice Anthony Rafter said during a bail hearing on Wednesday.

"The complainants deny any involvement with such drugs."

Eduardus Groenewegen and Caroll Dufailly.
Eduardus Groenewegen and Caroll Dufailly.

The Brisbane Supreme Court was told how the couple were sleeping when they woke to see a white van had rammed the gates of their Raceview home about 10.30pm on October 25, 2019.

Police allege five people wore police vests and screamed "police, search warrant" as they stormed the house and hit Mr Groenewegen in the face with the butt of a rifle.

The men then allegedly assaulted the couple, threatening to "cut off" Mr Groenewegen's fingers and sexually assault then kill his partner if they did not provide the combination for a safe.

The court heard Ms Dufailly's eyes and mouth were duct-taped and the pair were hauled into a van and later dumped in Ripley bushland.

Belgian model Caroll Dufailly in a photograph from her Instagram page.
Belgian model Caroll Dufailly in a photograph from her Instagram page.

Five men including Justin John Kuhner, 40, were arrested over the violent kidnapping and charged with multiple offences including extortion, kidnapping, torture, robbery with violence and acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm.

Kuhner was extradited to Queensland from Sydney in July last year and this morning he made an application for bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court, offering a $37,000 cash surety for his release.

His solicitor Mitchell Cavanagh said while Kuhner had taken a flight from Sydney earlier that day and checked into the Ipswich Country Hotel, where another co-accused was staying, there was no evidence tying him to the other co-accused or the location of the alleged crimes.

Mr Cavanagh said there were reliability issues with the telecommunications evidence and there was "no evidence" that Kuhner was associated in any way with the Lone Wolf gang.

He told the court that after the alleged offences the other co-offenders drove south while Kuhner stayed in the Brisbane area and did not fly back to Sydney until 8pm.

Acting Justice Rafter opposed bail and said Kuhner posed an unacceptable risk to the community.

He said it was difficult to assess the strength of the Crown case but noted that a full brief of evidence was expected to be handed up in six weeks.

It was the second unsuccessful bail application made by Kuhner, who offered $42,000 cash surety in September last year for his release.

Originally published as Alleged kidnappers sought 'commercial quantities' of drugs