AMA crash repair boss resigns
AMA crash repair boss resigns

AMA crash repair boss resigns

The boss of Australia's largest crash repair business has resigned amid allegations he misused his corporate expense account.

Andrew Hopkins tendered his resignation as group chief executive of AMA Group on Sunday night saying the current litigation launched against him by the board had become a distraction.

Mr Hopkins last week successfully applied to the Federal Court for a temporary injunction preventing his dismissal following claims he had not sought approval for corporate expenses including a flight and yacht club membership. Mr Hopkins denies any wrongdoing.

"Regrettably, it is now apparent to me that the current litigation is becoming a distraction to the business and operations of the AMA Group," Mr Hopkins said in a statement.

"I now believe that it is best that I resign from my position as Group CEO in order to protect the AMA Group shareholders, employees and customers.

"While I categorically deny the allegations against me, I cannot allow this dispute to impact the operations of the company I have been involved in leading since 2015, in an industry I have worked in for 30 years."

Mr Hopkins claims the allegations were motivated by a board battle with fellow director Simon Moore over a $4m payment Mr Moore's capital investment firm Colinton Capital had sought from AMA in advisory fees.

Mr Moore has declined to comment. British-born Mr Hopkins founded the Perth-based Gemini Group on 2009, a claims management and vehicle repair service business, that merged with AMA Group in 2015

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