Kevin Sugars: It’s just been fantastic.
Kevin Sugars: It’s just been fantastic.

‘An experience I’ll never forget’

KEVIN Sugars couldn't express the feelings he has about being involved in the 2015 Anzac troop train re-enactment. 

The 1st Central Queensland Light Horse Historical Troop member and national serviceman stepped off the train at the Rockhampton Train station yesterday afternoon to a crowd of more than 1000.

But there was one special young face he spotted in the crowd.  "My grandson Cash is meeting me here today," Mr Sugars said. 

"We haven't seen him for about five days so it has been quite a thrill."

Having already travelled from Winton to Rockhampton, Mr Sugars will head to Maryborough tomorrow to perform in a special Anzac event. 

So far, Mr Sugars said the trip had been fantastic. 

"It has been a complete experience," he said. 

"I'm so thrilled that we were chosen to be on this train and the people on it are magnificent. 

"It's an experience I'll never forget. My uncle was in WWII and I also had an uncle in WWI and I have his medals.

He was killed over in England.

My wife's father served in New Guinea and we have his medals as well. 

"I was a national serviceman in New Guinea for three months; we didn't do any fighting but I did serve.

"I can't express the feelings that you get when you're involved in something like this.

It's just been fantastic and it hasn't finished yet."