Rocky Super Fair, Brett and Narelle Norman.
Rocky Super Fair, Brett and Narelle Norman. Allan Reinikka ROK140618asuperfa

And the public vote is in: We want one Rocky Show

THE people of Rocky have spoken: We want one show.

At Rockhampton Showgrounds, Jill, Adam, Olivia and Cooper Caufman enjoyed a few hours interacting with the Show's many attractions.

Despite the lack of rides, games and show bags at the Agricultural Show this year, the Caufman family said there was still "heaps of things to do”.

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"There's lots for kids to participate in and they can make things,” Mr Caufman said.

"The kids have made some sugar scrub, bouncy balls, and dog balloons.”

The Minion Show was also a stand-out attraction for the young family.

However, they were disappointed by the decision to separate the two shows this year.

"It seems a lot different and there's a different atmosphere,” Mr Caufman said.

Mrs Caufman said she hoped the Show combined into one event next year.

"We grew up with the Show and it just doesn't have the same buzz,” she said.

On a positive note, Andrew, Vicky, Harper and Willow Parnell said they enjoyed the lack of crowds at the Agricultural Show this year.

"It's actually good,” Mrs Parnell said.

The main attraction for the family was the wide array of animals as well as pig racing and car exhibits.

"Usually you can't get in there but it was good this year,” Mrs Parnell said.

Mr Parnell said the family was still going to make a trip over to Callaghan Park.

"It would've been better if they were here but that's the way it is,” he said.

"I hope they join up next year and keep it all in one spot.”

At Callaghan Park, Brett and Narelle Norman were enjoying some family fun at the Festival.

"We loved it,” Mrs Norman said.

"It's nice to come with the family and look around.

"There's plenty of room.”

Mr Norman said he still would have preferred all the attractions to be in one place.

"There's other stuff people would like to see instead of just this stuff,” he said.

Victoria Park Gymnastics Club's Eilish, Luca, Mackenzie, Caylen, Bella, Lily, Brooke, Yasmine, Alice and Taylor were also at the Festival and were enjoying the rides it had to offer.

"We're loving this show,” Yasmine said.

"But I think it's a shame it's not all together because obviously there would be more people at the one event if it was combined.

"We hope to go over to the Agricultural Show too.”

Stephanie Liddell and her children Chance, Leila, Skyler and Chantelle said they were enjoying the Festival but were not planning on attending the Agricultural Show.

"This one is just better,” Mrs Liddell said.

"There's rides and show bags for kids.

"I came down just for the kids and they've enjoyed themselves.

"But it's better having both of them together because there's more variety of stuff and more to look at.”