The Nazi costumes were unwelcome at Oktoberfest.
The Nazi costumes were unwelcome at Oktoberfest.

Anger as Nazi uniform gang crashes Oktoberfest

A group of men impersonating Nazi soldiers caused havoc in the Yarra Valley last Saturday.

The gang brazenly tried to enter the Yarra Valley Oktobefest dressed in SS uniforms, including visible swastika symbols.

Upon trying to head into the German-themed event in Lilydale, the four men were met with condemnation.

They were spoken to by security and then escorted from the venue.

"While we recognise patrons enjoy getting dressed up for this annual event, this type of behaviour is not appropriate, nor supported or condoned," Yarra Valley Oktoberfest's organisers said.

While they were promptly dealt with by security there, the group then ventured down the road to Mt Evelyn.

Initially they had tape covering their badges upon arriving, but the swastikas didn't remain covered up for long.

It's understood their outfits drew the ire of a war veteran present in the York on Lilydale, sparking a verbal altercation.

A representative for the York on Lilydale said police were not called to the hotel, but confirmed a group were asked to leave.