The entry to Grosvenor Mine, near Moranbah. Picture: Daryl Wright
The entry to Grosvenor Mine, near Moranbah. Picture: Daryl Wright

Anglo flags ongoing combustion risk at Grosvenor mine

A SECOND underground blast is believed to have occurred at Anglo American's Grosvenor Mine a month after the May 6 explosion that injured five workers.

A company spokeswoman said no workers were underground when the incident occurred following its decision to withdraw personnel last month.

"An elevated reading that occurred on June 8 may have been an indicator of a brief ignition event, but while underground access at the mine has remained, this has not been able to be confirmed," she said.

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"The steps we are taking to address the coal oxidisation and heating risk at Grosvenor are tracking as expected, and we believe that the oxidation in the goaf is currently under control."

On June 8, the Daily Mercury reported rising carbon monoxide and other gas levels had forced the closure of the mine.

But it was only revealed this week that a potential explosion may have occurred on this date.

Last month, the company spokeswoman said the suspension of longwall mining over time elevated the risk of spontaneous combustion, due to the oxidation of the coal in the longwall goaf environment.

She said this risk was very low during normal longwall mining operations.

A Queensland Mines Inspectorate spokeswoman said Anglo American notified them of a suspected ignition of methane on June 8 at Grosvenor mine.

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"This matter is the subject of QMI investigation and potentially, the board of inquiry's consideration," she said.

Five workers were seriously injured during the May 6 explosion, and one has since been released from hospital.