Mask dodgers: Anti-vaxxer idiocy under a new guise



As more heartbroken families prepare to bury their loved ones in the escalating COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing another rise of a particularly alarming nature: arrogant and ignorant fame-seekers - most of them women - who claim their human rights are being violated by having to wear a mask.

It's anti-vaxxer idiocy under a new guise.

The latest footage to emerge, of a Melbourne shopper bullying two well-mannered and respectful young officers as they asked for her details after intercepting her for walking around with an uncovered face - in blatant disregard for the law - is appalling on so many levels.

The ugly tirade, ugly only because of her aggression, went on for minutes, with police calling for back-up.

What should have been a case of, 'I'm sorry, officers' or 'I didn't know of the ruling' or whatever BS excuse she wanted to make up to avoid a fine became a prolonged waste of taxpayer resources.

It also became a cringeworthy video because her obsequious male friend was recording the whole thing and she then posted it on social media.

Of course she did.

So did the idiot in Bunnings who accused the security guard of sexism after he refused to let her enter the hardware store because she wasn't wearing a mask.

Let me tell you, honey, this was no #metoo moment. You weren't denied entry because you were female; it was because you were breaking the rules.

And then we have the COVID sceptic (read: moron) who gloated about making it through a border checkpoint by refusing to answer police questions.

Big-noting to her friends, Eve Black boasted she was doing it "not only so I can stand up for my own rights but the rights of my brothers and sisters here on Earth."

What these cretins don't realise or don't care to consider is that they are endangering other people's lives, as well as their own.

Our police officers and other frontline workers are doing a terrific job to keep our communities safe and to help stem the awful tide of this volatile virus.

The time for making allowances was yesterday. Those who refuse to comply with public health and safety regulations should not only be fined on the spot but given overnight accommodation in a holding cell.

Trying to reason with these reprobates is a waste of everyone's energy. And a deadly risk we can't afford.

Originally published as Anti-vaxxer idiocy under a new guise