The Australian Women’s Cricket Team is boosting their on-field performance with the Apple Watch.
The Australian Women’s Cricket Team is boosting their on-field performance with the Apple Watch.

Apple's Tim Cook gets behind Australian women's cricket

THE Australian Women's Cricket Team has a new super high profile fan.

Apple boss Tim Cook has taken to Twitter to wish the team 'plenty of sixes' as they kick off the Ashes series this week.

As of Tuesday morning, the tweet had been liked more than 1100 times.

Apple has good reason to take an interest in the Aussie side which has been using Apple Watch and a powerful activity monitoring app from the Australian Institute of Sport to optimise team training, reduce injury risk and enhance performance.

The team tracks and shares their all-day activity, enabling coaches to monitor and modify the team's workload based on key metrics including training load, heart rate, mood and sleep data.

The real-time dashboard gives performance staff an insight into the team's workload and training capacity.

"Apple Watch delivers highly accurate and instantaneous data, which has helped us overcome previous challenges where player data reached us too late to be leveraged," Cricket Australia's David Bailey, performance coach, said.

"Now we can analyse player data in real time and put interventions in place to manage player fatigue and mitigate the risk of injury."

"We've seen players become more accountable and engaged in the training process, more motivated by the data, and have more fun along the way."  

The Australian Institute of Sport developed the app to equip professional teams with a comprehensive athlete management tool that gives players and coaches powerful data to make better decisions.

The app measures training load and player fatigue to ensure players do not overtrain and run the risk of injury. 

"We've always known that speed, breadth and accuracy would be critical if data was going to make a difference to a team's performance," said Australian Institute of Sport's Ian Morrow, applied technology & innovation project manager.

"We also knew we could get performance benefits by having athletes obsessed with their data, and Apple Watch has helped us do this.

"The ability for the AIS to utilise the powerful sensors within Apple Watch gave us an opportunity to deliver on our ambition to innovate within performance management and create something literally game changing."

"Within elite sports there's often not huge differences or margins between the best teams in the world, so being precise and insights-led with the way that you train can make a huge difference when you're on the field," said Meg Lanning, Australian captain.

"Data is not only motivating from a personal perspective, it can create a competitive edge as well. Using a device as personal as an Apple Watch has enabled everyone in the squad to communicate better and take ownership of their own training preparation, giving them a clear understanding of what they're doing and why. It's brilliant."