Arrow may pinpoint stud cattle killers

Snr Sgt Mark Ferling photographs the dead beast.
Snr Sgt Mark Ferling photographs the dead beast. Craig Warhurst

THE Stock Squad detectives investigating Saturday night's brutal slaying of stud cattle by poachers near Gympie were yesterday following up several leads.

Det Sgt Mark Ferling pulled the shaft of an arrow out of one of the slaughtered beasts on Monday morning to have it examined for clues that may lead to the identity of those responsible.

It will join an empty bottle of liquor, a piece of rope and tyre marks in the body of evidence that will hopefully nail the culprits who callously cut an unborn calf from its mother and threw it in the grass to die.

The calf's body and the rest of the gory evidence of the killing spree was discovered by nearby property owner and endurance rider Gayle Holmes on Sunday morning while riding her horses through the forestry.

Blood, internal organs and the cows' remains were strewn over 500m of the isolated forestry road reserve west of Gympie.

While all the prime cuts - hindquarter, forequarters and fillets - had been sliced off one beast, no meat was taken from the other.

Sickened and devastated, Ms Holmes said 2km of drag marks - and the absence of blood in those drag marks - indicated at least one of the cows was dragged to her death behind a vehicle.

The rope was still around her neck on Monday.

Det Sgt Ferling has encouraged graziers to install surveillance cameras and to take notice of any suspicious vehicles or people, particularly at night.

He said March was a very active time for poachers in the Gympie region as they were out hunting feral deer.

Anyone with any information that could help police is urged to contact the Kingaroy Stock and Rural Crime Investigation Squad on 41604900.