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Ashley Madison

ASHLEY MADISON AFFAIR DATA: You’ve been naughty Rocky!

The current global pandemic has been crazy to say the least, the world has stayed home to stop the spread, but one thing hasn't slowed … infidelity, and data shows Rocky is among the country's naughtiest.

Ashley Madison, the married dating site offering members the chance to have an online affair for a small fee, reported adding 17,000 members per day during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to the 15,500 new members per day to the site in 2019.

As more and more people social distance and work from home, the site has also seen a subtle shift in the time of day when conversations are taking place.

The hours between 10 and 11am and between 12 and 3 pm have proved popular flirt times in recent months.

Meeting in person has been difficult during isolation but according to Ashley Madison data, that hasn't stopped members from stepping outside their marriage.

The company has released a list of the country's top cities for cyber affairs during quarantine and the Beef Capital gets a guernsey, out-flirting all Australian capital cities.

This top 20 list is based on signups to Ashley Madison since mid-April 2020 on a per capita basis.

Rocky make 9 on the list for most cyber affairs
Rocky make 9 on the list for most cyber affairs


Top 20 Cities for Cyber Affairs During Social Isolation

1. Albury, NSW

2. Coffs Harbour, NSW

3. Newcastle, NSW

4. Canberra, ACT

5. Bunbury, WA

6. Gold Coast, QLD

7. Mackay, QLD

8. Geelong, VIC

9. Rockhampton, QLD

10. Darwin, NT

11. Townsville, QLD

12. Toowoomba, QLD

13. Wollongong, NSW

14. Adelaide, SA

15. Cairns, QLD

16. Brisbane, QLD

17. Hobart, TAS

18. Sydney, NSW

19. Perth, WA

20. Melbourne, VIC

Paul Keable, Chief Strategy Officer for Ashley Madison claimed the cyber affairs serve as a "release valve" for dealing dealing with increased pressures in their marriage and domestic lives.

"With divorce rates reported to have increased in countries that have initiated their reopening, we're offering an alternative pathway to help people cope and ultimately help couples preserve their marriage once the dust has settled," he said.