VOICE SILENCED: Former addict said residents didn't want to learn what a rehab facility actually is.
VOICE SILENCED: Former addict said residents didn't want to learn what a rehab facility actually is. John Gass

Audience at rehab forum 'disgusts' former ice addict

BEING able to dress yourself is a win when you're detoxing according to former ice addict Sarah Smith. The Morning Bulletin has changed her name to protect her privacy.

She tried to get sober many times before she was able to attend a residential rehabilitation facility in Brisbane where she beat the disease.

Sarah's memory of her time at the facility is clouded by a haze of exhaustion and fatigue.

"I slept for ten days,” Sarah said.

"They only woke me to take my blood pressure and feed me.”

Sarah attended the Rockhampton community consultation for Rocky's rehab centre on Thursday night with the intentions to explain what the inside of a rehabilitation was like.

She left disgusted. She raised her hand multiple times to speak from the perspective of a former ice addict but was spoken over by enraged members of the audience.

"Thursday night was an absolute disgrace,” she said.

"Those people didn't want to hear from anybody but themselves.”

She said people just didn't understand what rehabilitation centres were.

"Day three if you can sit up without puffing you're doing great,” she said.

"Day four if you can dress yourself, that's great.”

If Sarah had the chance she would've given audience members an insight into Rockhampton's drug community.

"I would've said 'you guys are worried about the rehab centre going in your neighbourhood but it's the best thing that could happen',” she said.

"The chances of people having a backyard lab out there are 90 percent more than living in town.”

She said drug dealers were generally located in out-of-town areas to avoid the law.

When she heard the $14.3 residential facility had been announced for the area she was excited for the opportunities it created for addicts and their families - but with delays confirmed for construction she was saddened help could now be a lot further away now.