Authorities erred with Emu Park's IGA closure on Sunday

THE closure of the Emu Park IGA at short notice on Sunday last weekend was a serious misjudgement by the authority responsible.

The decision to force the centre to shut its doors caused mass confusion and inconvenience for hundreds and possibly more than a thousand people.

Keppel MP Bruce Young said in a statement that the change in business hours was the result of a compliance issue.

"The Attorney-General's Department has advised me Emu Park Drakes IGA has been trading illegally on Sundays because they did not go through the right approval process in the first place," he said.

Mr Young said businesses wishing to trade on Sunday could apply to the independent Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

"I am very conscious of the services provided by small retailers in small towns such as Emu Park, but at the same time firms have to be compliant," Mr Young said.

My Young is right about firms being compliant with the law but when the Emu Park IGA is the primary source of food and groceries for a small town and surrounding rural areas - not to mention hundreds of day trippers on a busy Sunday - surely the public benefit has to hold sway over incomplete paperwork if the company's intent is good.

The fact that IGA will be trading legally this Sunday indicates to me that the closure was unnecessary when you weigh up the impact in the community.