STASTICS CLAIM: Authorities respond to resident's claims.
STASTICS CLAIM: Authorities respond to resident's claims. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Authorities have their say on crime and new rehab centres

THERE are no statistics to show residential rehabilitation centres cause crime to increase, according to Queensland Health and the Queensland Police Service.

Protesting residents from Edenbrook and Riverside estates told audiences at the community consultation for the rehabilitation centre they had statistics to show crime increased once a rehab centre was opened, but The Morning Bulletin is yet to obtain them.

A Queensland Health spokesperson said "there is absolutely no evidence to suggest crime rates or safety issues increase because of rehabilitation facilities".

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"This service will help provide better care for the people of Rockhampton and Central Queensland," they said.

"People in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres like the one planned for Rockhampton are there on a purely voluntary basis.

"They are already in the community and are reaching out for our help - this facility will be a safe place for them to go to receive the healthcare they need and deserve."

A QPS spokesperson said they had no statistics available to show crime increased when a rehab facility was opened in a neighbourhood.