HARD WORK: OP 1 student Azmee Huda is looking forward to six years of studying medicine.
HARD WORK: OP 1 student Azmee Huda is looking forward to six years of studying medicine. Allan Reinikka Rokaezmee

Medicine flows through the blood of Azmee Huda's family

WITH a mother, father and sister who are all doctors, it's no surprise Azmee Huda decided to follow in their footsteps.

But while most graduating students were waiting anxiously yesterday to find out if they had been accepted into their chosen university course, the Rockhampton Grammar School graduate was able to relax.

The 17-year-old found out last week she had been accepted into a Bachelor of Medicine at James Cook University, with the Townsville university alerting students early.

Her OP 1 essentially guaranteed her place, but it was still a relief when she heard the news on her voicemail.

As her older sister Elmee finishes her final year of study at the Rockhampton Hospital, Azmee will start at JCU.

But Azmee said her family never pressured her into medicine.

"They kind of pushed me away from it actually," she laughed.

"But I've sort of been surrounded by it from a young age.

"It's a relief to get into medicine, but it's more of a relief that now life is set."

Azmee will leave for Townsville on February 10 and has already started to pack her bags for her time at college.

She said she knew of six others from RGS who will be studying medicine at JCU.

Others had a nervous wait yesterday for notification from QTAC, with online servers working slowly as students from across the State tried to log in to find their results.

Still hope

For students who did not get into their chosen course, it's not the end of the world.

Check to see if there is another offer round for your course. If there are course vacancies, offers will be released again in February and June.

Reapply next year or next semester

Accept another offer

Take a gap year. Earn some money, or go travelling.


CLARIFICATION: Azmee's name was incorrectly spelt in the print edition of the paper. The Morning Bulletin apologises for this error.