Corey Francis Bladin has made rehab efforts after a wild crime spree
Corey Francis Bladin has made rehab efforts after a wild crime spree MeetMe

Baby accidentally hijacked in wild crime spree

A BABY was accidentally hijacked during a crime spree before a man was found in a drug-addled daze with a knife in a Goodna yard.

Corey Francis Bladin, 28, pleaded guilty to more than two dozen charges including dangerous driving, obstructing police and stealing.

A prosecutor on Wednesday said the "serious spree" included chaotic scenes where Bladin stole a mother's car.

A woman returning home after shopping had left her son in the car when Bladin and an associate drove past.

Bladin stole the car and drove off but the mother and her neighbours gave chase - and Bladin saw there was a two-year old boy in the car.

Bladin returned the car and rejoined his associate.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Bladin reversed into police cars in another incident as he tried eluding authorities.

"Police produced their batons - and tried to stop him," a prosecutor said.

Bladin sped off across Story Bridge before he was caught in Goodna and found with the drug ice.

The court heard Bladin was on a suspended sentence at the time, having just spent 373 days in custody before the crime and drugs bender.

Drug addiction had been the bane of Bladin's existence, the court heard.

Defence counsel Russell Pearce said Bladin had taken serious steps to tackle his drug demons and "wants to make a change in his life".

Bladin took a substance abuse recovery course and spent 702 days in custody before Wednesday's sentencing.

"He's had the last two years to dry out," Mr Pearce said.

Bladin's family attended court and wrote a letter to support him.

"They're probably genuine in their belief they can turn him around," Justice David Boddice said.

Some dishonesty offences Bladin faced were for petrol drive-offs and stealing sunglasses.

Bladin was sentenced to two years' jail and 50 hours' community service.

He had also breached probation and an earlier suspended sentence, so must now also serve the remaining 905 days of that sentence.

For reasons including his guilty pleas, 702 days of pre-sentence custody and his rehab efforts, Bladin is eligible for parole on March 2. -NewsRegional