BACH HUNT: Bachelor number nine, Charles Grevell, from Mulambin on the coast, is new to town.
BACH HUNT: Bachelor number nine, Charles Grevell, from Mulambin on the coast, is new to town. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Charles looking for a love connection

WHEN our bachelor number nine, Charles, moved from Brisbane to the coast, he was excited for the sea-change and the opportunities that come with moving to a new town.

After 17 years in Brisbane, Charles wanted to relocate to a coastal location for new start and to get away from the 'hustle and bustle' of the city, and the 'neighbourhood friendly' Mulambin proved to be the prefect place.

Recently settling on the Capricorn Coast, Charles say he saw The Morning Bulletin's Bachelor and Bachelorette competition, and he thought there would be no better way to meet new people.

In his application to become one of our Top 10 Bachelors, Charles said "I am hoping to meet someone who is ready to take a step forward and see what I am able to offer and to work towards a fulfilling life as a partner.”

Wanting to find someone to support and be supported by through life's highs and lows is something Charles has been looking for as he moves into the next stage of his life.

"I'm new to the area,” he said.

"I'm single and I don't have much of a social life so I thought I'd give it a go.

"I'm looking for the ying to my yang.

"I'm not too picky, it's basically whoever I make a connection with and have mutual interests with.

"Somebody that I can empower and somebody who can empower me in return.”

An outgoing personality is something that always catches Charles' eye, he said.

"I like someone that is a bit outgoing and doesn't mind stepping out of their comfort zone.”

And while an outgoing personality is what initially interests Charles, it's who a person is on a deeper level that keeps him interested.

"Independence is a real plus,” Charles said.

"And so is the willingness to accept help, and step out of their bounds to help others.

"It is a dog eat dog world out there and everybody needs a bit of support.

"Somebody that isn't self absorbed and is willing to step up when someone needs help would be great.”

Keep an eye out for our final Bachelor and Bachelorette in tomorrow's edition of The Morning Bulletin.

Voting will open next week.