Sara Graffunder is 21 years old and is new to Rocky, hailing from Mackay.
Sara Graffunder is 21 years old and is new to Rocky, hailing from Mackay. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Cowgirl Sara likes to have fun, let her hair down

SARA Graffunder's blamed her friends for nominating her for The Morning Bulletin's CQ Bachelor and Bachelorette competition.

They said: "If you're after a mad bird who can have a good laugh and a beer with the boys this one is for you.”

Sara, 21, moved to Rockhampton four weeks ago with her job as an Elders livestock trainee.

She is heavily involved in the agriculture industry and her job includes helping with cattle sales, processing paperwork, meeting with clients, and administration tasks.

A passion for the rural life is in her blood, Sara grew up in Mackay on a cane farm just outside of the Sugar City.

New to town, Sara likes it in the Beef Capital.

"I want to stay, I like the agriculture side and it is close to home,” she said.

Sara hasn't been actively looking for love and says she enjoy's being single.

"I like having so much fun and independence,” she said.

Travelling around for her job has steered Sara away from looking for a life partner.

"I couldn't do the job I have now if I had a boyfriend, moving around all the time,” she said.

Her last relationship was a couple of years ago and lasted two years.

"I am just really happy on my own,” Sara said.

"But if the right guy came along, I would go for it.”

The top qualities Sara is looking for in a guy is "hard working, respectful and funny - definitely has to be funny”.

Sara wants someone she can "have fun with and be their best friend”.

"I like having a good life, I'm happy go lucky, always positive,” she said.

But if you're rude or ignorant, Sara isn't your gal.

Her celebrity crushes include Channing Tatum, Billy Slater and the Bachelor's very own Bachie this year - the Honeybadger.

"I just think he's hilarious,” Sara said.

So if you do manage to tick all of these boxes - be sure not to take Sara out on a date.

"I don't really like dates, the awkwardness, the expectation,” she said.

Her ideal "date” would be something casual like going to the beach or horse riding.

But before you get to the date or non-date, you will have to get past Sara's family.

She has one older brother, one younger brother, and a "pretty scary looking” dad.

You won't find Sara on any dating websites or apps.

She says Tinder is for "all the wrong reasons” and thinks she isn't old enough to go on others.

"I'm too young to be on that sort of stuff, I'm only young and I don't feel as though I need to be chasing someone,” Sara said.

Sara says a relationship will happen in its own time.

"It it's meant to be, it will happen,” she said.