BACH HUNT: Bachelorette number 8, Kylie Ramsay, says she is looking to find someone who isn't too clingy.
BACH HUNT: Bachelorette number 8, Kylie Ramsay, says she is looking to find someone who isn't too clingy. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Family values and humour important for Kylie

FOR mum of one Kylie, when she is looking for a partner, she is looking for someone who can accept her independent nature.

Despite being a bit shy at first, Kylie says it doesn't take long for her to warm up to someone and feel comfortable.

"I might be a little quiet to begin with,” she said.

"But it definitely won't last.”

Convinced by one of her friends, Kylie, 34, decided to give The Morning Bulletin's Bachelor and Bachelorette Search a try.

"I don't really go out and initiate anything on my own,” she said.

"So I though it would be a good thing to try.”

After going through a messy separation three years ago, Kylie said she would like to find someone who would compliment her life.

"I am very independent and always have been,” she said.

"So I would like someone who is also pretty independent.

"Someone who doesn't still live at home with their mum, who has some career goals and someone who is emotionally stable. I don't want then to expect me to fix all their problems.”

Kylie says that after going through a messy separation a few years ago, she was cruising through life by herself and it got a bit lonely and is now looking for someone who will support her in life.

"My confidence has been crushed in the past, so I'd like someone who isn't going to put me down or point out all my faults.

I do want someone who is there when I call if I need them, I want them to have their own life but still remember that I'm there.”

In terms of what is most important in a parter, there are two qualities Kylie says are a must; humour and family values.

"They have got to be funny,” she said.

"I have a really sarcastic sense of humour that can be a little dry sometimes and a little bit silly.

"So somebody that isn't too old fashioned and who can let loose sometimes and be a bit free and silly.

"Family values are also really important. If they don't mind that I have my daughter part time and that she is in my life most of the time.

"I would like them to be understanding.”