Clare Tilley is one of the fanilists in our bachelor and bachelorette competition.
Clare Tilley is one of the fanilists in our bachelor and bachelorette competition. Contributed

BACH HUNT: Yeppoon jet-setter looking for her 1st first date

EASY-GOING Clare Tilley has been to 26 countries and spends her weekends outdoors but on Sundays likes nothing better than a trip to Bunnings for a sneaky snag.

Clare, 23, has never had a first date and said a trip to Bunnings or a dinner date would be the perfect options.

"I eat anything,” she said.

After two relationships - one being a six-year relationship from high school - she is looking for someone to share her love of adventure.

Clare is just six weeks from graduating as an occupational therapist and said she stumbled across the career when she realised it fit her personality perfectly.

"I generally always wanted to work as a health professional and I like helping people.”

Clare also describes herself as quite active, fun-loving and down to earth, with a professional, dependable and caring side.

"I'm always there for people,” she said.

The perfect man, she says, is someone who not only opens the odd jar and scares off the occasional spider, but has that AFL body. "They are the hottest,” she said.

After playing for Cairns Saints, Clare was hoping to hit the field for Yeppoon Swans this year but a broken femur left her sidelined for the season. As well as sharing her love for Aussie rules, Clare hopes to find a guy to go four-wheel-driving with, share a laugh with and someone who isn't afraid to open up.

"Someone who knows you're there to support them and be that man when you need them,” she said.

Her love of Bunnings has also inspired a love for DIY, which she hopes her future partner will enjoy lending a hand with.

Being "fun, spontaneous, easy-going” and low-maintenance, there's only one thing Clare truly detests in a potential partner.

"Arrogance, I hate it,” she said.

In a relationship, Clare is "very trustworthy, honest, loyal” and "not controlling”.

"I like to have fun and I want someone to have fun with,” she said.

"My last relationships ended because we were so young and life happens ... We went different directions but we're still good friends.”

Staying true to her wanderlust, Clare said she would even be willing to move towns for the right person.