‘She doesn’t owe you her sexual history’

BACHELOR contestant Brittany has defended herself after a tense showdown with fellow contestant Cass on last night's episode saw some viewers turn on her.

And the Bachelor himself, Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins, has been slammed by fans for hocking underpants on social media at the same time as Cass endured a very public heartbreak.

Cummins eliminated Cass from the competition during last night's rose ceremony - but not before she had to endure a tough talking-to from Brittany, who grilled her about her previous experience with the former rugby player.

Brittany confronts Cass.
Brittany confronts Cass.

Cass and Cummins knew each other before the show, and in last night's ep Brittany had just read in New Idea that Cass was in fact a "former flame" planted for Cummins to pick as his eventual winner.

Brittany pressed a clearly uncomfortable Cass for details of her past with the Honey Badger: "Was it physical? Were you staying with each other?" she asked.

A squirming Cass repeatedly told Brittany she found the questions inappropriate.

It seems many viewers thought the same thing. 

But in a post to her Instagram account after the show, Brittany gushed over Cass, insisting she actually "adores" her love rival despite the tense scenes between them.

"On day one Cass and I found each other. We were weirdly drawn to each other. The rest is history. We spent every single day glued to each other, and I can't even tell you how hard we laughed. Every. Single. Day," she wrote.

Describing her as "sweet, caring and so deserving of the most incredible love," Brittany said their fight was a "speed bump" that "never affected our friendship".

"And I guess that's what makes a true friend. Yes I was hurt, confused, upset, but I did my best to understand, and I did. Cass kept it to herself for a reason, and what a situation to be in," she wrote.


The photo Brittany (centre) posted to Instagram, with fellow contestants Sophie (left) and Cass.
The photo Brittany (centre) posted to Instagram, with fellow contestants Sophie (left) and Cass.

Brittany wasn't the only one to face viewers' wrath during last night's action-packed episode. Some fans also criticised the Bach himself for the "heartless" way he dealt with Cass' departure.

As viewers watched 24-year-old Cass make a tearful exit from the show, rejected by a man she felt she could have a future with, Cummins uploaded a post to his 450,000 Instagram followers.

A Cass tribute? Nope. An ad for Tradie underwear, one of several products he has sponsorship ties with.

Comments under the video have now been switched off, after fans criticised Cummins for shilling undies while Cass endured nationally televised heartbreak.

"So Cass acknowledges the episode on social media and her heartbreak and all you do is a paid post for Tradie Underwear. Clearly you have zero care factor and (are) out to make some cash off the back of the show," wrote one commenter.

"At least get a decent social media strategist to do a post acknowledging what happened with Cass. You're not coming across very genuine. Boosting your profile but cheapening it at the same time …"