CHECK THE RECEIPT: Cindy Bogan with her children Oshie,Seamus and Harry.
CHECK THE RECEIPT: Cindy Bogan with her children Oshie,Seamus and Harry. Renee Albrecht

Back-to-school price story strikes a nerve

MUM of four Cindy Bogan wasn't expecting her Facebook post about the high cost of school stationery to reach such a big audience.

A school stationery list with a cost nearly approaching $600 has incensed social media users, in both support and condemnation of the Cooloola Cove mother.

Now approaching nearly 5,000 shares on Facebook and thousands more comments, the tone of the responses has ranged wildly.

"I think it's certainly struck a nerve with people, but there have also been some pretty awful things people have written to me," Cindy says.

This includes unsolicited parenting advice from complete strangers as well.

"A lot of it is people telling me I need to budget better, that this is somehow my fault," she adds.

"At no point did I ever invite people, total strangers, to come and tell me how to look after my family."

However,. Mrs Bogan has also received encouraging support from other concerned parents across the country, worried about the steadily creeping rise of schooling costs.

"Friends keep telling me about other systems across Australia and overseas who are doing things much better, much cheaper," she says.

Mrs Bogan also wanted to point out the costs of the stationery also don't factor in to the other costs involving heading back to school - uniforms, shoes and a greater push toward technology.

With more and more schools pushing for a more technologically-oriented learning environment, with laptops and tablets slowly becoming a standard feature in classrooms, Mrs Bogan said innovation was also causing some families to fall behind.

"I understand the benefit these devices will have in educating the kids," she says.

"But they're also very expensive, and I think the push for more technology can put a lot more financial strain on families like mine as well."