Karen Gilliland.
Karen Gilliland.

Forensic test results delay Gilliland case

A DELAY in forensic evidence testing has once again resulted in the adjournment of another alleged Central Queensland murder case.

Police prosecution today informed Rockhampton Magistrates Court it was awaiting results from Queensland's testing laboratory in Brisbane in the case against Nigel Gilliland.

The forensic order was first granted in early July, providing authority for investigators to carry out actions for evidence purposes for the case.

Similar delays have also affected a number of other cases across the region, including the alleged murder of Shane O'Brien and the mysterious death of Rockhampton teen David Pham.

Police prosecutor Ignus Schoeman informed the court and requested a six-week adjournment.

Mr Gilliland stands accused of murdering his ex-wife Karen Gilliland in an alleged stabbing incident which took place on June 23.


Nigel Gilliland is charged with the alleged stabbing murder of his ex-partner Karen Gilliland.
Nigel Gilliland is charged with the alleged stabbing murder of his ex-partner Karen Gilliland.

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He has been charged with one count each of murder and entering premises with intent.

Police will alleged the defendant stabbed Ms Gilliland multiple times in both her neck and abdomen during the attack before fleeing the scene.

The alleged incident unfolded just after 6pm at a Brae St address in The Range.

Mr Gilliland was captured following hours-long manhunt that same evening.

He was taken to Rockhampton Hospital where he underwent surgery for suspected self-inflicted injuries.

Mr Gilliland, 45, did not appear in court Wednesday afternoon but remains remanded in custody.

The matter will next be heard in court on September 30.

His charges were first mentioned in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on June 25.