ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council and the Services Union have united to raise awareness for mental health issues with a barbecue today. 

Assistant Secretary of The Services Union Jennifer Thomas said it is important to not only raise awareness about mental health issues but also acknowledge the workers who work for mental health services.  

"Our Union members deliver these very essential services to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities," Ms Thomas said.  

"This is hard work and our Union's aim during Mental Health Week is to acknowledge and praise this work."  

"We also want to highlight the need for governments to make mental health a priority when it comes to funding arrangements with many of the non-government agencies our members work for," Ms Thomas said.  


How do you relax vox: How do you relax vox
How do you relax vox: How do you relax vox

The initiative was aimed at raising awareness of mental health issues in all workplaces.  

Rockhampton Regional Council CEO Evan Pardon says a mentally healthy workplace is important for the  organisation which employs over 800 people.  

"We look at preventative measures, coping mechanisms and we also provide our staff and their family members with free access to a counselling service for workplace and personal issues," Mr Pardon said.  

"It's so important for our organisation to have these resources at the ready for our staff, and it's also very beneficial for the success of our business.  

"These tools can help increase productivity and create job satisfaction which ultimately leads to job retention and a healthy member of our community." he said.