CLOCKING IN: Angus Neal started work at JB Hi-Fi after a 2.5 year job hunt.
CLOCKING IN: Angus Neal started work at JB Hi-Fi after a 2.5 year job hunt. Alistair Brightman

Tech guru who took years to secure gig says job market's tough

JB Hi-Fi employee Angus Neal now gets paid to talk about drones and cameras, but the 22-year-old knows too well about the troubling life of a jobseeker.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that it takes on average 22 weeks to find a job in Queensland; a number Mr Neal can attest to.

It took the Hervey Bay resident two-and-a-half years to find stable employment despite having five years of retail experience on his resume.

"I was sending applications for all kinds of jobs from retail to labour," Mr Neal said.

"There were a few short-term gigs that came along, like ones that lasted a week, but nothing stable."

Living on the Sunshine Coast for part of his search, it was after Mr Neal moved back to Hervey Bay when his break eventually came.

"I came in to JB Hi-Fi, dropped my resume, talked to the sales manager and got a call for an interview the same day," he said.

"After the interview, I hung around the store looking at things and I was told there that I got the job."

The struggle to gain employment is an issue affecting residents not just on the Fraser Coast but across the state.

In Brisbane, it takes on average 20 weeks to get a job, with the unemployment rate rising to 6.7% in June.

An analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data by Conus Consulting highlighted that regional areas were actually better off in the job market, particularly in Cairns, Mackay and the Darling Downs.

Conus Consulting economist Pete Faulkner said big improvements had been made in unemployment and economists were expecting a pick up in GDP in the second half of this year.

"The regions generally have done better than greater Brisbane with the trend unemployment rate in the rest of Queensland falling to 6%, while greater Brisbane has risen to 6.7%," Mr Faulkner said.

"Over the year, the rest of Queensland has added 31,700 new jobs, 22,300 of which have been full-time, while Greater Brisbane has added just 11,700 new trend jobs while losing 8200 full-time jobs.''

Excited to start his new role at JB Hi-Fi, Mr Neal encouraged other jobseekers to hang in there, because the wait was worth it.

"I can live life again," he said about having a job.

"Having a job puts you into a much better mind frame and it's a relief to have a stable income.

"And work is a lot of fun."